Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I'm not sure if it's the sudden real training plan or my body just hates me but I HURT. Everywhere. The weirdest muscles in my legs hurt. And my feet. And my arms. 

Whatever, it's all part of the big plan right!?

Saturday was a 5 mile long run with the BF. It was really good, I know I can run without problems at an 11 minute pace.  I had a few speedbumps on the way...
Me:"Hey, slow down"
BF:"What, I'm not speeding up..."
Me:"liar yes you are!"
BF:"damn my tricks don't work on you anymore."

Etc. Etc. I wanted a slow recoup run. Somehow I don't feel too recouped. 

My 3 miles this morning felt awful. I don't know what it was but damn was I feeling rough. Like I hadn't slept or eaten in days. Just drained. 

Tomorrow is weights. By Friday last week I couldn't move my arms much over my head. I was sore EVERYWHERE. I'm looking forward to feeling like that again actually.

Till then,
Happy running!

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