Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The truth about off brands

Ok yesterday I went to buy allergy medicine because Atlanta has been KILLIN me lately. 
I picked up the first allergy medicine I saw that was kroger brand (aka cheaper) and bounced.  

Well, I grabbed that and some sugar free chocolate mousse but it's fine. 
Its fiiiinnneee. 

Went out this morning in my, finally, newly replaced Brooks Adrenlines and my NEW RUNNING SKORT!! But before, of course, I had a snack and popped one of these allergy meds. 

Bad. Move. 
(read the effin manual) 
This allergy medicine was pink, like benadryl. That's right, the drowsy medication. 
I felt like I had two-year-olds hanging on my ankles. It was the hardest run/workout to power through, not because I hurt, but because literally if I shut my eyes for two long I was worried I'd fall asleep, and the rest of my muscles felt the same way. 

Very rough.  I'm still hazy right now.

The skort however held up wonderfully. It helps that they had super hot booty shorts underneath the skirt, and y'all know how I feel about those. (LOVE)

Time to do a lab, grade papers, and get a sweet brinner made for me tonight. 

Run happy everybody :)
 And don't forget, don't pop benadryl and run. Bad plan.

Monday, April 11, 2011

the 15k from hell

Alright so I haven't been as diligent the past few weeks with my training. I still got 20 miles in last week even if I only ran 3 times but i've just been slacking. Kinda tired, kinda enjoy being a regular college student and sleeping in when I don't have class till 11 and getting beers on random evenings.

Anyway saturday was the Atlanta Track Club 8k/15k spring has sprung race thats fo FREES for members. I signed up for it a long time ago thinking ehhh Ill be done with the half and be able to bang a 15k out no problem. Well the night before I wasn't feeling it as a race. I liked the idea of the distance just fine, but my legs didn't want to race. Morning of I met up with my friend, we both had sore legs from biking the day before and were not in the mood. He sprinted ahead of me and by mile 4 I came jogging up behind him. He looked miserable. Absolutely shot and kinda shuffling along. So we made it to the 8k mark and at this point we could stop or keep going. BUT stopping meant a DQ. We stood at the fork in the road between crossing the finish line or continuing on and debated for a solid minute or more. we walked toward the finish line to just be done when I said 'man, i really don't want a DQ out of this'...then turned around and soldiered on for the rest of the 15k. It was slow, but once I slowed down I felt just fine! My friend and i finished it out together and I was very happy to get a long run in for the week. It turned into more of a 15k-run-race than a race-race, but that's ok!

Ill be ordering new shoes today, mine are so shot that i probably shouldn't have even run in them on saturday. Shit happens though. I need to get paid before I can get em!

In non-running news I have acquired a very good research job this summer that will pay 10$ an hour (wooo not minimum wage!) and will NOT be taking classes. Thank the good lord.

Be warned: this summer will consist of Running, Tanning and drinking.

Should be epic. I hope everyone else enjoys the sagas that will result from the combo.

PS to start a good story: saturday I got sooo sunburnt because I was going between tanning, doing laundry, and drinking at the pool. bad plan. but epic tan now!

Ill be going out for a run later, I skipped mine this morning and slept in. it felt amazing.

to everyone out there, especially with the gorgeous weather in Atlanta, Run Happy! and be happy :)

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Friday, April 8, 2011

Lame songs stuck in my head

Whatup everyone! That I accidentally forgot about but not on purpose.  

How is everybody? I hope good. I've had an interesting few weeks to say the least. My last weekend was INSANE and involved me being out partying friday, saturday AND sunday. 
Whoa big spender on my part.

Anyway I had a blast, I feel great, I've been doing really well with all my drama, which is now drama no more. I have just about everything in order. I'm back in the gym workin on building muscle, been on a few runs, upped the intensity of my XT on the bike, and feeling good once again.  
I need new shoes really badly though , my knees ACHE after a run. And for a while after.
I'll order some new Adrenaline's next week when I get paid.

So a sweet super win for this summer, I'll be doing paid research with tech!! On a Pratt and Whitney project nonetheless. I'm very very excited and I can't wait to start. Plus it's automatically going to pay more/be better than this stupid min wage desk job I'm currently sitting at until 8 pm tonight. 

It's ruined my Friday's that's for sure.

On the running front, I have a 15k race tomorrow! 9.3 miles. Hopefully it goes ok, not gonna lie I'm barely prepped for it but I figure I've done the distance multiple times so I'll be fine!!

Changed the blog around a bit, wanted my own picture to be the background. Was trying to find spring-y/summer-y colors but didn't like any that I found so I stuck with the black and white.  Hope y'all like it!

I'm off to attempt to not-sleep on the job.

Run Happy everybody!

Friday, April 1, 2011


Happy April everyone!  I'm very happy to see the sun here in Atlanta. It's been a gloomy week, and very representative of the ongoings in life lately.

It's time for spring cleaning, physically and metaphorically of course.  My room needs an overhaul and so does some stuff in my life.  I'm very excited to get back to a training regiment, especially after this weekend where I'll be working inside at the pool all the time.  
Anyway hopefully I'll get a workout in this afternoon, I forced myself to wear my workout clothes (including my not-really-pants-workout-tight-capris) today so that my free time will be at the gym.  What will I be doing? not sure. I need the thinking time though. 

For now I'm off from work and have class/some social stuff to handle.
Hope everyone in Atlanta has a good happy day of running!