Wednesday, January 25, 2012

It's happening.

Alright so job update: I didn't get past the written part of the department of state interview. It's honesty not that surprising to me, I knew it would happen after I took the second part of the assessment. I'd tell y'all why but...well, non disclosure agreement! And I'm not one to mess with the government.

I am SO excited that I got an email today about my diploma coming in the mail soon!!!
Now I need a frame.

In other news I finally got myself some cycling shorts. I love spin classes but sitting on those bikes without padded shorts it is probably one of the most painful things I've voluntarily put myself through. So I decided shorts were needed. Luckily The Clymb is awesome and I had some store credit there so I could get some awesome Canari shorts for cheap!
Isn't my dog in the background adorable!?
I bought a pair of shorter 8-panel shorts and was instantly in love when I put them on! My spinning class today was much more comfortable and I could focus on really working hard instead of the pain I was in on that seat. My mom looked at me and just shook her head and said "next thing is a bike, and you know it."
This is something I've been trying to avoid honestly. 1) bikes are expensive 2) I know some really annoying cyclists that make me cringe and 3) I'm so awkwardly shaped (leg/body size ratio) that I just know finding a bike is going to be a pain. BUT I live in Arlington now with miles and miles of trails and plenty of places to ride. I also have parents that BOTH rode and worked at a bike shop near here.
Le sigh.
It's happening.
I can just see the money down the drain when I hit a tri kick.
I guess I'll wait and see how the job situation is and assess a bike in the near future.

Anyway, my spin class today was amazing and I got to lift since the gym wasn't packed. All in all I feel amazing and have had a great day!

And now I'm going to hunt for more food because I'm starving.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Me? Domesticated?

So I spent another weekend with the BF in B-more and really wanted to do something special for dinner. I've been in this cooking kick for a while. I think it's because I miss my friends back in Atlanta and cooking for them. Four times a week I had people over, and usually was cooking for all of them! I miss those days. I also have had a new desire since Mommy P got me a really nice recipe book for Christmas.


Since I got it I've been collecting recipes from my favorite blogs/tv shows/magazines and putting them in their designated spot.  Once I try the recipe, I'll write it in. This is how I'm going to force myself to try new things!

Saturday night one of the BF's coworkers came over and I made Giada's ravioli caprese. May I say, it was amazing. I need to perfect the dough rolling/ravioli forming but it was still extremely good. And the it was light and delicious! I would suggest adding some lemon juice to the sauce on top of the zest (but lemon is on my top 5 flavor list so of course I added). I also made a baked pudding...but I'll post that at a later date when it is perfected because I really struggled with it sans-handmixer. I think it needs another attempt before I write it off. All in all, BF loved it, I loved it (especially after a couple glasses of wine) and his co worker extremely loved it. It was a great evening and I'm very happy I've turned over this new domesticated-leaf.

In additional news I wanted to post about this cool thing shown below. My brother and sister in law got me this set for Christmas/graduation and I must say it is one of the coolest things I've ever owned! It really helps me loosen up my calves and all of the muscles down there I can't pronounce or remember.  It's been a huge help since I'm still struggling with my ankle/foot area.

More updates:  I had two interviews last week, one of which was at the Navy Yard! It was all very exciting. The work seems really fast paced and very important (since I would be working on Navy ships and yes those are important). I should hear some time this week about both. I also have an interview tomorrow for a Department of State position.  This is something I am actually nervous about since it is more like a test. We will see how it goes, clearly I can't tell any of you exactly how it goes (it's all very hush-hush) however I will at least know if I'm going to be up to the job or not. 

Lets see if there is any more news..hrmm
Vinny is totaled (sad day) and I'm working on getting that situation under control.
Mommy P has been doing an amazing job with her account and we have been working together to get her more healthy!
I've also lost about 5+ pounds since I graduated. Either due to no more stress, or no more drinking-every-night-with-the-gang. I'm going to say it's a combination. 

I think that's most of the new stuff! I would like to add I've been very anxious the last few weeks with all of this change going on. Finding a job has been stressful and with the car gone and BF not around during the week I've been fending for myself and trying to get my life organized. One would think that without a job or school that life would be extremely easy but finding a job is basically a job in itself. I've been pouring over websites and applications as well as part time work. This plus no's just been nuts! Luckily I have an amazing family who are very supportive and helpful and a BF that I can call when I'm in need.  

Life seems to be going perfectly, even with the bumpy sections.
As my mother always says, everything happens for a reason. 

I hope everyone is having a great Monday, and happy Chinese new year! (I know what I'm having for dinner)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

The lesser baby-sitter

So, let's not talk about Vinny shall we? 
He's been taken away to the totaled/maybe-totaled-but-they're-not-sure-yet lot in Fredricksburg. 
I miss his horrible turning radius already. 

Let's talk about happy things, like my family. 
On Fridays my sister goes to my brother and sister in laws and does cleaning/laundry/watches the kids from 1-6. Since I had nothing else to do besides sulk about Vinny and continue to apply for jobs I decided to go over with her. My brother's family consists of him, Wendy (SIL), Bryce (4.5y/o), Hadley (2.5y/o) and the newbie Corbin (3ish months). Bryce goes to pre-school every day until 3PM, so Patty and I just had a pouty/sleepy/very-2-year-old Hadley while Corbin slept or spent time with Mommy Wendy. After exhausting a Mikey Mouse show and some various playing we decided that muffins should be our next object to tackle. This was an interesting endevour with a two year old, plus me.

I often describe myself as afraid of children. I always tell my brother not to trust me to babysit. I have no idea how to handle kids...which makes me terrified to ever have my own. So Friday was practice.
Not that I want kids. 
Anytime soon. 
Seriously, give me a minute, or like 5 years. 

Anyway, Patty and I both snapped some pictures of the day and I figured they were very cute and should be shown off. (PS I think my brother and wendy make the best looking kids ever)
I'm hoping to get more of Bryce and Corbin on here soon, unfortunately Bryce got left at school by his bus and didn't get home until 5. It added frustrating to the day but in the end, after all the kids were home, eaten, and in bed, the adults (including the BF) got to sit up and drink beer/wine and eat Chinese carry out. It was a beautiful Friday. 
The Guitar she tried to poke my camera with


"coloring" also is like a stabby motion
I look like I'm scolding for some reason

Children. Thrilled

Oh, on top of all of this, I have an interview next week! In DC at the Navy Yard. About 2 minutes from this cute little one and my bro's house. 

Maybe losing Vinny was a sign I would only need Metro for right now?

Well everyone, I hope you're having a good weekend! And since I can't root for the Redskins in post season I hope everyone will bandwagon with me and say GO RAVENS! tomorrow.

Night all!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Accident Update

Hello all, today is a new day, sans my minivan. 

Woke up very tired and a little sore. I cried a LOT last night after the accident and was very tense. Drove by it today and grabbed the last thing out of it, my Golds Gym parking sticker, and took some pictures.  I also talked to Geico today and they took my statement etc. I'm hoping the police report is ready soon so this goes quickly. I'll be going to talk to my adjuster soon, to look at the van and hopefully they will let me know if it's totaled or not...I really hope it's not. 

Here are some pics of Mr Vinny, with his poor bent hood and check engine light.

Yup, that is an exhaust pipe very much bent.
I'm going to go space out and watch Planet Earth while waiting for my adjuster to call me. Fingers crossed it's good news. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

First Accident

Hello world. 
Today, I got in my first accident. 

I went to get my sister from work in Old Town Alexandria, at 5:15, rush hour, dark, in the rain. 
That's a really really bad combination for me. I'm not the best night driver o begin with, but the rain added anxiety. I had the radio off and my phone put away and yet, here I am, sitting at home with a car waiting to be towed away...possibly forever. 

Oh Vinny. What ever will I do without you.
So I hit a Prius from behind, they stopped short and I had been breaking but not quite enough apparently and rear ended them. Then, another van rear ended me. That van lit on fire (FIRE??) and had to move. During this whole thing, I'm crying, Asian woman driving the prius is trying to make sure I don't run off, and I'm trying to talk to 911 for the whole accident, including the on fire car.

This was a mess. Did I mention it was raining? And cold? By the end of everything, Vinny has a check engine light on, and looks really rough...and I looked rough, and cold and wet. I really hope it doesn't get totaled, I really need that car.

My sister brought me my favorite chocolate from the store though.  Ritter sport...and a special one!
 I also still have my dog who is extremely cute and very supportive.

She might think she's a cat sometimes.

All in all, bad day but I'm very glad I'm ok. It could have been a lot worse, at least MY minivan didn't light on fire.

I'll keep the updates on Vinny coming as soon as I hear from Geico and the Po-Po.

Mommy P

Yesterday I helped my mommy (Mommy P) get started on her weight loss goals. We both joined and are using I highly recommend it for anyone looking to lose some weight. I've only used it for a day or so but it is fantastic. It takes your age/weight/height and how much you want to  lose, and how fast, and calculates daily intakes and how much you need to exercise. Mommy P is very excited, we had a great first day eating wise and I got her to take the dog for a walk with me. We walked over a mile together and both us and the dog got a lot out of it. She works from home for Hallmark and has for a long time now.  Her phone can ring right at 7am some mornings and she has worked until 7pm as well. She has conference calls, and stores to go to, and just can never seem to get away from her desk. I think this is a serious downfall of working from home. Home = work work = home and there is no distinction between the two sometimes. I'm trying to make a clear time where she can get up and walk or be active to help her separate it. We are also going to be getting her a desk that she can close up when she's done, so that she can get away from it all for a while.

I'm so proud of her. This morning, she woke up before me (obviously because Baileys has 2$ pints on Tuesdays...which  means I need some, ahem, extra sleep) and made her own breakfast and it was HEALTHY. I'm so so so proud of her. Words cannot express. 

In other news, my job hunt is still going.
It's still a hunt. An annoying time consuming hunt.
I am however really enjoying being home with my family. Spending time with my sister and mother has been amazing, we've bonded so much. Going to school so far away from them was harder than I thought now that I'm back. We are all so much alike and it's amazing to have the support system back. Not that I didn't have that in Atlanta, you just can't replace family. 
Today is a sit-at-starbucks-day, as well as a photographing day. I've brought my camera to Old Town and am prepared to go walk around for a little. Get my artistic juices flowing. 

I hope everyone is having a fantastic day. 
Hopefully I shall post more later. Maybe even PHOTOS!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

On the Road. Again.

Who wants to know what I've been doing the last few days?

Yeah. 1,424 Miles.

I promise, it's not as fun as it looks. 
Oh, it doesn't look fun?
Yeah, you're right, it's not.

The BF and I took an adventure in a rental car down to Atlanta, to pick up a Uhaul and start his move to Maryland. Funny story, we accidentally stayed on 95 too long, don't know how, and ended up taking the LONG way to Atlanta. Fun fact, it adds about 100ish miles to the drive if you take 95 and not 85. 
Who knew.

So we get to Atlanta by 11PM on Tuesday. Wednesday we grab the Uhaul, turn in the rental car, and pack up his apartment. We are out of Atlanta by 5, in Ringgold by 7ish. Up until 10PM rearranging the truck and adding things. Out of Ringgold by 11AM this morning and got into Arlington by 9 (In a 17 foot Uhaul + car trailer.

I didn't get to drive a single bit, but holy hell being a passenger feels just as hard. My knees are so mad at me for being in a car that long. 

Anyway the BF and I are very tired, but the last stop is his new apartment tomorrow! 
Thank god. I'm getting tired of moving stuff. 

So I'm off to bed now, because my neck/back/everything hurts from riding in a Uhaul for over 600 Miles.
Goodnight Moon. 
I mean, Goodnight Internet. 

PS: Everyone should laugh at this.

Monday, January 2, 2012

New year, new chapter

Man, since I graduated on the 17th I feel like I haven't stopped moving.  Between two Christmas celebrations with two different families, cleaning out and rearranging my room so both me and my twin can live here, finding the BF a new place in Baltimore plus other crap...I'm going insane!

We'll do a quick update:

BF got a job in Ellicot City Maryland working with a civil engineering firm, doing bridge inspection and other things.  He's moving to Baltimore in the next few days, we will be going to Atlanta and back up here with a uhaul and all of his stuff. This should be "fun".

I graduated. 
The big day.
I miss my friends in Atlanta, but I also enjoy being away from some other annoying aspects.

I do not have a job. 
Don't worry, I'm not worried. I've applied to what feels like a million, but is probably about 30 and expect to hear back in the coming weeks from most of them. 

I've been put into the Brooks Running Fanatics group this year! (very excited) I've enjoyed my few runs back, and have been continuing PT work and ice etc to keep my ankle in check...although doing impromptu speed workouts (oops, did that this morning) have proved not-helpful for recovery. I also joined my local Golds Gym for the weight room and classes!

I've vowed to run a marathon this year. The Marine Corps to be specific.
BUT I know I can do it. 

I will be posting again, because I'm sick of procrastinating blogging. It's just silly. I got a new camera so I will also be posting more pictures.

I think that is a good summary for now...
I hope everyone is enjoying the start of the New year. 

Run Happy!

P.S: Best part about graduating, besides knowing I don't have any more lab reports? Amazing gifts from my friends, like this.
This is exactly what it looks like.
Yup, that is a tequila bottle. Shaped like a rifle. I have amazing friends.