Monday, July 9, 2012

It has begun

After bitching and moaning for long enough about my knee I got serious and decided to fix it.

Maybe I just didn't want to run, maybe the MCM terrifies me. I'm not sure. Either way I am now behind on training and am going to have a rough time getting back.

This is now neither here nor there. I'm back no matter what now. I'm also busier than I've ever been, even in school. (Did everyone see that? Those are words I never thought would come out of my mouth!)

Saturday was a near 8 mile run that went fantastically. I forgot how nice long runs are. So peaceful, relaxing, eye opening...Minus the 6AM 80 degree heat that is.
It was very very hot to say the least.

Legs recovered by Sunday mostly and knee pain was minimal compared to how it's been for the past few months.  I dragged myself out today for almost 5 miles, also with minimal knee pain. I was also kinda-sorta killin' it pace wise for the first 3 miles. It helps that I knew Steak and Potatoes was on the menu for dinner!

Work tomorrow at 7....which means leaving at 6 and up at god only knows. This means I need to throw on my compression calf sleeves and hit the sack. Some weekend photos.


Hazey view from Key Bridge going from Rosslyn to Georgetown

Luck breakfast for BF and I

Hopefully soon I'll have some actual insightful posts instead of these short horrible things.
It'd help if I wrote them before my brain shut off for bed.

night all!

Monday, June 18, 2012

A near month lookback

Has it really been a month since I started work?
That's an understatement honestly.

My days for the past month or so have consisted of this:
Alarm: 5:00
Possible Snooze?: 5:10
Time between alarm and blastoff: Straighten hair, make breakfast, make/pack lunch and snacks, pick out clothes, put them on (then change), do makeup, pack bag(s).
Leave for metro: 6:30
On metro by 6:45.
At work: 7:30
At this point in the day I check-in my phone, since I cannot have it in my office...or building, and am officially off the grid for 9 hours.
Usually after my hours I grab my phone and metro home either to a happy hour/dinner date with a friend or go to the gym. Then home for a shower and bed.

It's a very busy day. Especially since getting up at 5AM means bed by around 10 and sometimes those happy hours turn into happy evenings.

Besides my busy schedule I've been pouting and ignoring my blog and twitter for a couple reasons.  The main one being my knees (especially left) are STILL messed up. I feel live I've been babying them for months, even after PT. I currently believe (thank you intranet) that I've been lacking water, making knots in my quads, thus pulling on my knees and causing pain. If I roll out with my trigger point roller I can find a spot/knot that radiates intense pain to right below my kneecap. It's amazing, and awful. Awful being a large part.

I'm on a one week very strict self evaluation while monitoring my water, pain levels, rolling/icing/working out etc.

I can report that I ran 2 pain free miles today. It's a good sign, very good. Especially since post rolling/stretching the pain has diminished AND I'm off of IB profin.

Guess I will just have to assess in the morning.

I can also report that I love my job. I love my coworkers already. They're nice and funny on top of being very intelligent. They're company is something I look forward to every day. Especially my group of boys I've wiggled my way into. (boys? Men. BOZ2MEN!)

So long as I stop going out so much (paychecks are fun man) I will be keeping everyone posted on this knee...issue.

Fingers crossed that tomorrow is a better day.

Sunday, May 20, 2012


So, I'm getting ready for bed because I have my first day of work tomorrow!

I'm so freaking nervous.
It's just orientation for the first two days, meaning lots of presentations, but I'm still nervous.

Oh, not to mention it's supposed to rain most of this week. And I'm a public transportation (metro) G-woman now.
Never fear, my grandma bought me an excessively cute new raincoat. I'm clearly ready for everything now.

After my nightcap beer (or two) I'm going to go wind down and go to bed. I must prep for my 0715 report time!

NIGHT ALL! I'm sure I'll have an emotional post tomorrow.

Friday, May 18, 2012

In the Navy!

My MIA-ness can be attributed to a few things.
1) Injury induced laziness. Going to PT and constantly fighting knee pain and thus being banned from running really takes the fun out of posting on a running blog.
2) Travel. I was out of town from May 4th to May 12th sans everything but my phone. I left my computer so I could be free of pintrest and constant facebook. It worked, mostly. I went to Atlanta to see some of my best friends graduate and then to Myrtle beach to just hang out and party with some friends. All in all it was a good trip with minimal hangovers and sunburns.
3) Prepping for new job. I start work at the Washington Navy Yard on MONDAY!!! I am beyond excited and have spent the last week with my mom (who even took the week off work) shopping for work appropriate clothes, shoes, bags etc. I must be business appropriate every day. Except Fridays, which are business casual. Still confused by all these clothes rules for women but whatever. I had a blast shopping. It helps that my mom has been extremely helpful and very giving. I think she just sees me as her personal barbie doll to dress up. I'm definitely not going to complain.

Did we spend too much money?
Am I going to be the best dressed female (not to mention engineer) at the Navy Yard?

In other news besides my cool new job. I did run twice on vacation and once yesterday without knee pain. My PT woman and I believe we have finally pin pointed the problem(s). 1) I moved from 1 level apartments to my 3 story house at home and the stairs have been killer on my knees since I run errands up and down them every day for my mom and Gma. I'm averaging 20+ trips on the stairs. That's 260 stairs in my house a day. On top of that PT found that I have knots the size of my fists (or larger sometimes) in my quads. My IT bands are finally relaxed on a daily basis but now my quads are so tight they're pulling my kneecap in funny directions. Now that we've been doing massage therapy on the quads my knees feel SO much better. The body really is amazing and just like a machine. Just have to troubleshoot it.

I figured I might just do a photo dump from the last month on my phone since I think that's how long it's been since my last post.  Could be a fun way to look at the month gone by.


 Phone photos for the month. I think I spared y'all extra dog photos. I take too many of those.

Off to clean my room/house and organize my new stuff!!
Hopefully the BF and I will get a run in tomorrow, pain free. Fingers crossed!