Friday, February 18, 2011


 As a Bday present to myself since I've been so good training thus far AND because I got paid a nice paycheck this week I splurged and bought...all of this :
Utopia Thermal HoodieHVAC Synergy ShortGlycerin Short

EZ Run T

Infiniti CapriGlycerin Bra Top

Glycerin Support Tank
I just do not own enough running gear. I only have 2 pairs of shorts! and I workout 6 days a week!!! SO MUCH LAUNDRY.  So, I finally decided it was time to drop some big bucks and gear up like a proper Brooks ID runner. I will probably be building my wardrobe like this every other paycheck (once a month) just so I have enough clothes on a week to week basis. I ALSO paid 5 whole extra dollars (oh my!) to get it 'expedited' here. I have no idea when they're going to ship it but pinkies crossed for today so I can get it by next Friday.
I am SO excited!!!
Mmmm clothes.

In other, more upsetting news, I was planning on going to ABC (brewery) tonight with a bunch of friends for my birthday (I know it was Tuesday but I'm a college girl, I can't take time out of my classes to party on a Tuesday!) however I needed to get out of work from 4-8 to be able to do this.  Of course, none of my coworkers will cover it.
2 semesters I've been working the dreaded Friday Close shift and yet, no one will throw me a bone for my birthday.

Such is life.

On to study.
Happy Friday everyone!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Birthday Week

Alright people. 
My 22nd Birthday is on Tuesday.
For some reason my friend's all want to take me out separately so I am haveing 3+ birthday dinners, which means I have a lot more running to do next week
I don't even care I'm SO excited about it! My best friend evvaaa is making me a sugar free cake from scratch! 
yay no sugar coma! 

In other news, I'm already past 11 miles for this week. I had a lovely 6.5+ mile run on Wednesday that felt like someone had literally lit a fire under my ass somehow. I was movin' out there. Maybe it was the perfect mid 40's weather or the fact that I was craving BBQ? Not sure, but it was a wonderful run.
I can really feel my speed picking up each month I'm still running.

Now for a random funny/Awkard tech boy story, I was at the gym last night up at the track doing my speedwork and I stopped in front of this guy...boy. Anyway I stopped to walk my half lap and he was passing me (walking) and turned around to talk to me. I thought he was asking if I was ok because I probably sounded like I was breathing through a straw at the time but he really was just going to do this:

Awkward boy: "Hey, you doin sprints"
Me: *wheeze**die*"yeah"
Awkward boy:"ohhh killer dude"
Me: *wheeze* "thanks?" *die*
Awkward boy: *awkward smile/wave/turn around to keep walking in front of me*

I love tech boys. They're just so cute. 

Long day ahead of me and long long run ahead of me tomorrow. Hopefully I'll get more than 5+change hours of sleep tonight. 

Hope everyone is having an amazing Friday so far!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Monday morning's workout turned into a Monday EVENING workout due to one too many (meaning more than one, meaning two) whiskey coke's while watching the Superbowl.

Somehow my tolerance is like negative drinks now. I think if I even look at alcohol my head starts hurting.
Anyway so I went last night I did some abs and ran around the track a bazillion zillion times to get some miles in.  I then decided that since it was 8pm and I didn't feel like fighting for a treadmill for hill stuff or braving Atlanta night-time that I'd just do some stadiums inside the pool viewers deck!
What a GREAT idea right?!
I made it through three sets, my legs were shaking so hard I couldn't stand still, literally. 
It's amazing I used to do those every week when I was swimming.

So then last night around 11 I was icing my knees and heating my shoulders (which hurt) and felt exhausted.  I was very excited to sleep hard and rest before my 6am workout, which is the normal Tuesday time. 

Fell asleep...and then woke up at 1:30 convinced it was 6. 
Re collected my thoughts. Fell asleep.
Then woke up at 4 conVINCED it was 6. 
Goodness. You'd think I'd stop being so anxious about missing my alarm and would just sleep.

Then of course at 6am I turned my alaram off and fell asleep till 6:30.
That's life right?
Rushed over to the gym to get in some biking and a light leg lifting session.  So far so good this week. Quality workouts that I'm definitely feeling the next day. 
Or days after I mean. 

Hopefully I'll sleep like the dead tonight though. God knows I need it. 
Lab at 8am! Woo!

Everyone go get a good run in today!!
Run Happy!

Saturday, February 5, 2011


Random thought I HAVE to share. Wouldn't it be awesome, if like in those V8 commercials where everyone has the little number above their heads for the servings of veggies/fruits when you ran you had the same thing above your head?!?! but for miles?! That would be awesome, talk about possible guilting into running more.
You see some guy with a big 10 over his head, and you'res says "3". I would be ashamed.

Just sayin.


This week I have been put through pseudo hell and back. 
My training goes light week, medium week, heavy week. This week was heavy week. The past 2 weeks have felt you know, hard, but nothing like this week. I am sore EVERYWHERE. My back hurts, my arms hurt, my legs, my ass, my abs. Everything hurts.

Today I ran 8.6 miles and it was probably the longest 8.6 miles of my training yet. It took all of my energy to get through it. I got a second wind around 4.5 miles at my turn around point in the Highlands. Seriously though my legs felt like lead. Lead jelly. 

Needless to say it took a very long hot shower of stretching to get all the kinks out of my body and I'll still be asking for a massage from Christopher later. 

This long run also brings my total mileage this week to 20 miles!!!! 

Epic. I feel epic. 

In other amazing news, I had my first Atlanta Track Club Kilometer Kids meeting Thursday! 
I'm so excited to get to work with kids. I really need to get my head out of the Engineering cloud I live in every day. 

Tomorrow is rest + super bowl day and I will be vegging on a couch and probably enjoying a whiskey coke or two. 

I hope everyone has a GREAT Sunday and enjoys it as much as I hopefully will.

Run Happy!

Friday, February 4, 2011


So my mom is probably my best friend ever, my biggest fan, and my biggest support. She's who I call when I'm crying, the few times I cry.

Reasons I love my mom:
1) It's 6:15PM on a Friday and she's sent me a picture of a beer.
2) she proudly exclaims its a 9% beer and goes "AHA"
3) she's at a new restaruant raving about how we need to go there together, even though I live 650+ miles away
4) she just alerted me to the fact that the REASON I need to go is because they have back on a stick.


I love my mom so much.


Anyone been around Atlanta lately?
Call Noah, We need an arc STAT.

Seriously I'm treckin around all day in rainboots.
Which is really difficult since I am SO SORE.

I'm on a heavy weight week right now and I am really feeling it. Legs, arms, back....ass. Everything HURTS.

43 Days until the Publix Half...
Seems so close and yet so far away. Mainly because I'm sure I will be more sore some time down the road.

I'll post later about the week.
I'm finally at break time for work. Thank goodness.