Monday, September 27, 2010

Half or Half-assed?

Yesterday I was on the phone with my mom and mentioned coming home for Thanksgiving and that we needed to buy plane tickets. Her response "well aren't you going home with the BF?" (she doesn't say BF I just keep confidentiality here). 
Me:" errr well I can?"
Mom: "well I mean you'll be back 3 weeks after that...It's no big deal and I'm sure you'll be fine with the BF's family."

Well damn thanks mom.
This whole time I've been dreaming of baking with my sister and hanging out with my dogs and seeing Arlington and DC in their gorgeous fall colors and now guess not.
I was also looking forward to getting perpetually tipsy with my mother via mimosas at breakfast beer at lunch and wine at dinner/desserts. But hey, here's to hoping. 

So I'm staying here and going to the BF's for Turkey Day. No biggy. 
Actually this opens up a good opportunity that I'm going to sit on for a while. Atlanta Track Club's half marathon on Thanksgiving Morning. I have till October 31st till the application fee goes up again but It's going to be brooding in my head for a while. I'm nervous to set a bar so high. It's high for me at least. 13.1 miles?? Just walking around for 2 hours  makes me tired.

So I'll be working on that decision for a while.
Good things from today: I'm an official card-carrying member of ASME now. Sticker went on my nalgene and EVERYTHING.
I also have a 4.3 mi trail race on Saturday! In the middle-of-bumble-fuck-Georgia. Fingers crossed it goes well. Poor BF will be running the 10+ mile race and...well...he's going to hurt Saturday afternoon.

Just have to get through some tests first. Here's to a good week! Cheer y'all.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


If no one has taken notice, I will say it out loud, I have been LAZY lately. 
For one I've been skimping on blog entries which means I've probably gone slightly insane. For two I've been putting off my 'get back to schedule for running' mode every week. 
Today, I said NO MORE. 
Ok well this week I said no more, but today was a big deal.

After a few bad weeks of just not waking up, ipod being dead, feet being dead from heels, and general fatigue, I've finally kicked my ass back into gear and am ready to train for a half. Don't know when, but I'll just say that's my goal. 

Sunday I ran 3+, probably closer to 4, miles on the treadmills at the CRC while watching NFL, because I'm like that. 
Monday I had swim practice but we played sharks and minnows so I jogged a light 1 mile before just to get warmed up, cause god knows I hate sharks and minnows. 
Tuesday morning I woke up and decided to run to Piedmont park and back, its 4 miles of hills. ALL HILLS. But it went ok.

So this morning I woke up and felt like my body was going to sink through the mattress onto the floor.  My muscles were tired, I was tired, and the BF was sound asleep next to me and was going to get to be asleep for an extra hour and a half. This is not the definition of motivation. Actually this is precisely why for the past few weeks I've only managed to get up for one of my two scheduled tues/thurs morning runs a week. The minute I start moving the BF rolls over and vice/bear grips me in his sleep.  
Today I was lucky and he was tired. So I laid there staring at the ceiling, fairly awake, going "get up, get up, get up, you need to run, get up".
Once I did I felt totally fine, grabbed my ID's, got dressed, threw my shoes on, kissed the BF/Bear goodbye...I just needed my house key that was on the BFs keyring. 
So I asked him where it was, he groggily answered, and I went to look.
Not there.
Me: "Baby are you sure you put them there?"
BF: "uurrrrhh? yahh *snore*"
Me: "hmm..." and begin to hunt. 
He eventually got up and we realized, he really had put them where he said and they were gone.  Well after a little investigating and finding out my roommate had come home shmammered last night she had mistakenly grabbed them and put them in her room. 
Yeah, I know, strange. 
I had even checked the trash, the fridge, the freezer, the drawers...anywhere she would have drunkenly put them.

Ok so anyway back to my running story. I finally got to leave and head over to the gym.  Before I got there I felt like crap though, my legs felt slow and heavy. I hurt everywhere, I hadn't taken my inhaler, and in my head I was like "well I'll just run 2 miles and lift/do abs"

Got on the treadmill and something happened for the first time in a very very long time.
I couldn't feel anything.

Ok exaggeration, but really, I couldn't feel my legs hurting, I couldn't not-breathe. Honestly, I felt AMAZING. I ended up running 4 miles and felt like I could have kept going if I hadn't had the time crunch. 

Maybe it was the amusement of the morning, or maybe I'm finally going to get back into the groove I had going right after I ran my first 10k, but I feel great and today was great. Everything is great. 

Makes me wanna train for a half. Bad. 

I'm supposed to be doing weights in the morning, and when I say morning I mean like 5:30, with some friends. We'll see how I feel

I have a 4 mile trail race next Saturday that I'm SO excited about! Plus there's a beerfest the same day!!

Time to do more heat transfer.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


That's right folks.
It's that time of year again. Where every Saturday is blocked out if we have a home game to tailgating. Drinking, eating, being merry.
Generally NOT running on Sunday mornings..

This weekend was particularly awesome as it was GT's first football game at home.  A 1PM game (AKA death for people who tailgate too hard...IE for me and the BF) against a crap team which caused me to not feel sober or not hungover until the next morning. 

No worries, I ran on Monday. Monday morning you could have bottled my happiness and sold it, there was that much of it oozing out of me. 
I think BF got annoyed. 
We planned a run around Kennasaw mountain but when our alarms went off at 6:30..well that didn't happen. I rolled out of bed an hour later and to my amazement it was absolutely beutiful out! 59 degrees and some nice sun. And it stayed cool out! I was in shock. 
In that moment I craved pumpkins and pecans and fall leaves and sweaters.
And running that doesn't make me want to die of heat/humidity.

After finally getting the bear of a BF out of bed we got to the mountain, ran an easy 3+ miles and called it a day. 
And then I bought an apple cider candle and did HW the rest of the afternoon. 

I do a lot of HW these days when I should be doing fun things, or playing outside like normal people who crave to be 13 again. 

Football pictures to come.