Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Texas-Sized Hangover

So radio silence occured becuase I was in...
For 5 days. Left Wednesday at like 6am and got back Sunday night...more like 12am Monday morning and then had work yesterday and today. Crazy! I've been very very tired/worn down. It was the longest car ride I've ever taken and the first time ever traveling in Mississippi and Texas. Louisiana I've been to...for Bourban street.
Another time, a good story, or two.

Anyway it was awesome. The drive out was to Dallas and then stayed the night there, then from Dallas we drove down to Texas Station. That's right folk's Giggem'/Saw The Horns Off/Texas A&M Aggie town.  I'll post more about why I was there later, with pictures and all.

I would like to however cover my excitement about Texas.
This is how I pictured Texas: desert-y, armadillos, long horns, salloons, maybe tumbleweeds?

Clearly I'm an idiot.
No there was no desert. I did see some long horns while driving, Holy crap they're huge. I saw a few dead armadillos, which made me sad.  (Fun mini story: my dad ripped the muffler off him and my  mom's little red MG by driving over a dead armadillo. My dad thought it would smush...nope.)
Tumbleweeds were a negative HOWEVER Salloons? I'm gonna say where I partied Saturday night was close enough in my book.

Picture in your head if you could, a college town bar. These are foreign to me. Atlanta doesn't have many since it is a City in it's own right and College Station...well is College Station.
Cruddy engraved tables that wobbled, stuff ALL over the wall, lots of Aggie things/memorabilia AND 6$ PBR pitchers and 7$ New Castle pitchers.

'Scuse me how much?
It was 9 of us all out together so we started with 3 pitchers. As we're looking around the bar we find, I shit you not, LIFE SIZE connect four. The pieces were wooden circles of 8ish inches in diameter.  It. Was. Amazing. And then we found Jenga made out of 2x4's. I was amazed. We were all amazed actually. Like big kids in a big kid toy store.

I had 2 beers, The BF brought me a gin and tonic and while playing connect four (reigning  champ what up!) I met a very nice A&M girl named Jackie who played with me a few times.  I decided that clearly, as I was drunk enough and from out of town, that Jackie and I needed a shot. Here's how the bartender and I's convo went.

ME: "Hey umm how much forrrrr your Patron shots?"
Bartender: "4.50$"
ME:"...."...serious pause going on..."How much for Jose Silver?"
Bartender: "3.25$"
ME: "HOLY SHIT I'll take four."

So me, Jackie, Jackie's friend and BF and I took a shot. and it cost me total what 1 and a half shots of patron would cost me in ATL. All the drinks actually were super, super cheap.

This is why my hangover was huge.
Hey, everything is bigger in texas, I figured my hangoer should be as well.

Great fun, I have great pictures, I can't wait to post more later. The epicness of how cheap drinks were had to go up here because I think I'm still reeling from it.

I'm currently in my lab slaving away. Put in a solid 6+ hours yesterday, I'm on hour 5 right now. Makin MONIES!

After this it's gym time to bike/lift/abs since my hip flexors are still killing me, which the long car ride did not help. Then headed to the Roomie's swim meet for the kids she coaches and dinner at Felinis!

This is such a nice day.
Everyone, go be happy, go enjoy the day.

Go listen to some country!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Forever and a day. Or Two.

Long time no post eh?
Alright, I've been way out of running for a few weeks. Maybe like 6. 
Running here and there, putting in mileage every week but I haven't been into it.

Well, IM BACK!
Back and unfortunately having some problems. My hip flexors/abductors absolutely murdered me during my half. I mean, mile 7 out I was in so much pain and it was so weird because it'd never happened before. Well now it's a reoccurring theme. I'm icing and taking care of them, they've kinda radiated down to my knees, specifically my left, but it's still annoying when I want to come back with crazy-I-missed-running-mileage.

Since last Sunday I've put in about 28 miles. Not bad for a week and a half! My body feels good, feels like it's getting back to normal actually, even the aches and pain feel good. 

I'm now working in a lab as a research undergrad-help-assistant-monkey-sidekick for a grad student. It's very interesting and I like the work so far. Kinda tedious, but I get to do other things in between...like blog! oh hey that's what I'm doing right now!

So my summer consists of lab work, 20 hours a week, grading papers and running/training my little butt off.  I've got some new goals for shorter distances now.
5k: sub 25 (ouch)
10k: sub 50 (maybe not this summer but we'll see)
Half: still sub 2 hours. It's gonna happen. Soon.

In other news I've picked my camera back up again, so I will part you all for now with a fave photo I took this weekend. 

Run Happy everyone!