Friday, January 21, 2011

Snow Days good? NO!

Alright so my new rant this week has been about the 3.5 epic snowdays that GT recieved last week after the south got hammered by a storm.

I loved them at the time. I was lazy. I sat around with the boyfriend, worked out lazily, complained about being cold. Got a ton of sleep.

And also didn't get used to my new schedule. I don't know about everyone else but one thing I love about the first week of classes is that I can get used to the actual time factor of the schedule of school before I have to get used to the workload.  Well now, this week, even with Monday off, I'm having to get used to the time part, the school work ALREADY, and a new training schedule! Holy smokes! 

I am very tired. As my last random post already stated.
I've decided the snow days SUCKED. I am now scrambling to get used to everything at once. I have a test and 4 assignments due next week already.  I'm sore as hell from working out, and I have a 5k tomorrow!

That's my rant, and I'm stickin to it. 

As for training, I'm in my light week for weights and am just a little achey from it. Not exceedingly sore but it's not nothing. My arms already feel more toned (I'm technically on week 2 of lifting) and I'm looking forward to my medium weight week next week. 

As for running goes, I've been pretty much rockin' it this week. I think that time/experience is finally becoming a good factor. I feel faster, just naturally. 
To be fair, it's been 8 full months of running, it's about time I got used to it. 
I've run 12? eehhh 13 miles this week. 4+ of hill training Monday, 5+ on a random (read: awesome) run on Wednesday, and around 3+ miles during my very FIRST speed workout ever.

Talk about pain I haven't felt since swimming descends. Goodness. I did 200m repeats. For my first workout I was a little confused as how I was going to react to it. First I did 5x200 (in a row) where I was sprintishing/supposed to be a mile time for one 200m then slowing down for the second and alternating. With a 3min rest in between sets.
I did the first set, got through the second set and then had to take my little grey warm weather capris off that I had under my shorts. (I had to run to the gym to get to the track and it was FREEZING out). And then decided to see how it would feel doing 200m, walk half a lap (which is 200m), and alternating that way. I tried this because when I got to my 3rd set I was dying and had to stop. I liked it better cause I was already really tired so I finished up this way.

PS. dumbass (this girl, me, that's writing this) forgot to take her inhaler. Idiot.

After I finished I did some core stuff and dragged my tired, sore, body home. 

I don't know why but this week has just seemed so hard. No amount sleep is enough. I've been up at 6 or 6:15 every day, some days not sleeping well at all and haven't had a workout rest day since Sunday. Part of it has just been a funk I'm in. School is starting to wear on me. 

BUT this morning I have gotten a second (third? fourth? millionth) wind. I've been very productive, which I consider this post in the productivity range, and will continue until I leave work at 8pm today.

I have a physio ball workout today that will be fun. I love stretching out on those things! 

Time to go get some of my never-ending school work done.

Happy Friday everyone! Run Happy!

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