Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Forever and a day. Or Two.

Long time no post eh?
Alright, I've been way out of running for a few weeks. Maybe like 6. 
Running here and there, putting in mileage every week but I haven't been into it.

Well, IM BACK!
Back and unfortunately having some problems. My hip flexors/abductors absolutely murdered me during my half. I mean, mile 7 out I was in so much pain and it was so weird because it'd never happened before. Well now it's a reoccurring theme. I'm icing and taking care of them, they've kinda radiated down to my knees, specifically my left, but it's still annoying when I want to come back with crazy-I-missed-running-mileage.

Since last Sunday I've put in about 28 miles. Not bad for a week and a half! My body feels good, feels like it's getting back to normal actually, even the aches and pain feel good. 

I'm now working in a lab as a research undergrad-help-assistant-monkey-sidekick for a grad student. It's very interesting and I like the work so far. Kinda tedious, but I get to do other things in between...like blog! oh hey that's what I'm doing right now!

So my summer consists of lab work, 20 hours a week, grading papers and running/training my little butt off.  I've got some new goals for shorter distances now.
5k: sub 25 (ouch)
10k: sub 50 (maybe not this summer but we'll see)
Half: still sub 2 hours. It's gonna happen. Soon.

In other news I've picked my camera back up again, so I will part you all for now with a fave photo I took this weekend. 

Run Happy everyone!

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  1. Welcome back! I added you to my "bloggers who run" list and then you stopped posting!
    Hopefully your hip flexors cooperate, and the care you're taking of them work out. That's frustrating!
    Um, what a lovely photo! Very springy. Makes me want to dig my camera out!