Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Up and Out

So I'm graduating in 11 weeks. 11? 
One of those. 

I would love to say I have everything after that lined up and that it will go smoothly but I know that I wouldn't be 'starting a new chapter' if there wasn't some uncertainty. 

Without a doubt however I know I will be leaving Atlanta. This I am very ready for. It's not that I don't love GT, because I do.  If I could live by Tech and go to every home game till I die I would. I love the atmosphere when the weather cools from the sweltering hot of the summer and everyone is outside in the Fall. Just as so when the weather warms up from a hard winter in the Spring. 
It's just time to leave. 

My group of friends has become amazing, I couldn't ask for a better group. Very few people have survived four years of school staying close to me, the few that have are still my best friends.  However it's my newer friends that cross so many 'friend circles' that make the best looking bunch of Hodge-podge friends I've ever seen. It's just what I want. No stress of a 'group' and no drama. I have people over every other night, we drink beer sometimes, we work on HW most times and we watch a lot of football.

Most of all we all enjoy the time we have together because we all know it is limited. It's the time of the year when everyone realizes that 6 months from now everything will be different.  
Every minute counts.
But don't worry, no one is stressed about it. This is the best time to make a big change, and I'm so ready for it.

I've been to 5 interviews: Continental, Solar Turbines, Harris, Schlumberger and Pratt and Whitney.  The relocation varies from Michigan, San Diego, Connecticut and wherever else they want me. I'm praying for a Pratt job up in Connecticut. I'll be 6 hours away from my family and get to have real seasons. REAL SEASONS. 
And a real place to myself, with probably a real dog.

Something I'm really looking forward to though? Besides leaving behind the dredge in my life in Atlanta. 

New running paths. 

Run Happy Everyone, and never be scared of change!

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