Monday, July 9, 2012

It has begun

After bitching and moaning for long enough about my knee I got serious and decided to fix it.

Maybe I just didn't want to run, maybe the MCM terrifies me. I'm not sure. Either way I am now behind on training and am going to have a rough time getting back.

This is now neither here nor there. I'm back no matter what now. I'm also busier than I've ever been, even in school. (Did everyone see that? Those are words I never thought would come out of my mouth!)

Saturday was a near 8 mile run that went fantastically. I forgot how nice long runs are. So peaceful, relaxing, eye opening...Minus the 6AM 80 degree heat that is.
It was very very hot to say the least.

Legs recovered by Sunday mostly and knee pain was minimal compared to how it's been for the past few months.  I dragged myself out today for almost 5 miles, also with minimal knee pain. I was also kinda-sorta killin' it pace wise for the first 3 miles. It helps that I knew Steak and Potatoes was on the menu for dinner!

Work tomorrow at 7....which means leaving at 6 and up at god only knows. This means I need to throw on my compression calf sleeves and hit the sack. Some weekend photos.


Hazey view from Key Bridge going from Rosslyn to Georgetown

Luck breakfast for BF and I

Hopefully soon I'll have some actual insightful posts instead of these short horrible things.
It'd help if I wrote them before my brain shut off for bed.

night all!

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