Tuesday, September 7, 2010


That's right folks.
It's that time of year again. Where every Saturday is blocked out if we have a home game to tailgating. Drinking, eating, being merry.
Generally NOT running on Sunday mornings..

This weekend was particularly awesome as it was GT's first football game at home.  A 1PM game (AKA death for people who tailgate too hard...IE for me and the BF) against a crap team which caused me to not feel sober or not hungover until the next morning. 

No worries, I ran on Monday. Monday morning you could have bottled my happiness and sold it, there was that much of it oozing out of me. 
I think BF got annoyed. 
We planned a run around Kennasaw mountain but when our alarms went off at 6:30..well that didn't happen. I rolled out of bed an hour later and to my amazement it was absolutely beutiful out! 59 degrees and some nice sun. And it stayed cool out! I was in shock. 
In that moment I craved pumpkins and pecans and fall leaves and sweaters.
And running that doesn't make me want to die of heat/humidity.

After finally getting the bear of a BF out of bed we got to the mountain, ran an easy 3+ miles and called it a day. 
And then I bought an apple cider candle and did HW the rest of the afternoon. 

I do a lot of HW these days when I should be doing fun things, or playing outside like normal people who crave to be 13 again. 

Football pictures to come.

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