Monday, December 13, 2010

The Biggest Muscle

Today shall be remembered in all of history.

Ok maybe just the history of my school career. 
It is monday, the first day of finals week, and today I had 2 finals, in the first two time slots offered. 8am. 
I woke up to take a final at 8am. It was like 10 degrees here. 
And snowing. 
"It snows in Atlanta?" you might ask.
Yes. yes it does. 

So after a total of about 4 hours of testing, one final in Mechanics of Materials and the other in Heat Transfer (yes, it is all as hard as it sounds), I am at work. Vegging.  My brain feels like mush and I have 2 more finals to look forward to.

I haven't ran since Thursday. For one its been so cold here I can barely feel my face outisde and two I've been so stressed out and crammed for time I just couldn't do it. I had a few (my first!) panic attacks yesterday and knew I just couldn't sacrifice the hour or so it would take me to get a run in. I know, it sounds lame, but being an engineering student is really busting my ass. This weekend was either sleep and study, or run and study, but I couldn't do both. And my one rule for finals is, always sleep.

Ok, time to start the gauntlet for the next test.
Hopefully I'll get a run in tomorrow. 

Till then, stay warm everyone!

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