Monday, December 6, 2010

Finals food vs. Running food

In the past six months I would say I have become an avid runner.  In these six months I've learned a LOT and a lot has changed in my life. One of the biggest things is probably my eating habits. 

I have frequently posted/complained about my constant hunger. 
It's bad. 
This morning I had a huge bowl of cereal and a yogurt. Probably at around 8am. 
By 10am I needed more food. I had a fiber bar.
By 12:30 (i'm in class for all of this) I'm starving.
By right now I'm eating peanut butter, carrots, and popcorn.

The runner snack of champions as I call it. 

I just made that up.

Anyway as finals approach everyone jokes about "finals food" and how everyone orders pizza at 3am and consumes large quantities of coke and coffee and junk food and chocolate. It doesn't help its the holidays and in my apartment right now we have 3 types of candy out on the bar. 

I may-or-may-not have bought them.

So as my stress level for the next few weeks skyrockets I know I will have to keep myself under super-control. 

In my new eating habits I have what I see as "runner food".
Popcorn for example. Great snack, really light. You can eat some now, eat some later, not hard to eat and then go for a jog if need be. 
Peanut butter, eating it now. Keeps me full, high in good fat/protein. Absolutely live off of it. I carry little jiff to-go cups. 
I drink water like its my job. I make sure I eat enough protien in a day, I keep my sugar intake low (half for running, half for pre-diabetes in my family). I'm good about grease etc. I don't eat out a ton.

Finals food is NOT this food. So this finals I will be fighting the finals vs. running food. Healthy vs. convenient/fun.

I am craving pizza however...

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