Friday, February 11, 2011

Birthday Week

Alright people. 
My 22nd Birthday is on Tuesday.
For some reason my friend's all want to take me out separately so I am haveing 3+ birthday dinners, which means I have a lot more running to do next week
I don't even care I'm SO excited about it! My best friend evvaaa is making me a sugar free cake from scratch! 
yay no sugar coma! 

In other news, I'm already past 11 miles for this week. I had a lovely 6.5+ mile run on Wednesday that felt like someone had literally lit a fire under my ass somehow. I was movin' out there. Maybe it was the perfect mid 40's weather or the fact that I was craving BBQ? Not sure, but it was a wonderful run.
I can really feel my speed picking up each month I'm still running.

Now for a random funny/Awkard tech boy story, I was at the gym last night up at the track doing my speedwork and I stopped in front of this guy...boy. Anyway I stopped to walk my half lap and he was passing me (walking) and turned around to talk to me. I thought he was asking if I was ok because I probably sounded like I was breathing through a straw at the time but he really was just going to do this:

Awkward boy: "Hey, you doin sprints"
Me: *wheeze**die*"yeah"
Awkward boy:"ohhh killer dude"
Me: *wheeze* "thanks?" *die*
Awkward boy: *awkward smile/wave/turn around to keep walking in front of me*

I love tech boys. They're just so cute. 

Long day ahead of me and long long run ahead of me tomorrow. Hopefully I'll get more than 5+change hours of sleep tonight. 

Hope everyone is having an amazing Friday so far!

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