Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Monday morning's workout turned into a Monday EVENING workout due to one too many (meaning more than one, meaning two) whiskey coke's while watching the Superbowl.

Somehow my tolerance is like negative drinks now. I think if I even look at alcohol my head starts hurting.
Anyway so I went last night I did some abs and ran around the track a bazillion zillion times to get some miles in.  I then decided that since it was 8pm and I didn't feel like fighting for a treadmill for hill stuff or braving Atlanta night-time that I'd just do some stadiums inside the pool viewers deck!
What a GREAT idea right?!
I made it through three sets, my legs were shaking so hard I couldn't stand still, literally. 
It's amazing I used to do those every week when I was swimming.

So then last night around 11 I was icing my knees and heating my shoulders (which hurt) and felt exhausted.  I was very excited to sleep hard and rest before my 6am workout, which is the normal Tuesday time. 

Fell asleep...and then woke up at 1:30 convinced it was 6. 
Re collected my thoughts. Fell asleep.
Then woke up at 4 conVINCED it was 6. 
Goodness. You'd think I'd stop being so anxious about missing my alarm and would just sleep.

Then of course at 6am I turned my alaram off and fell asleep till 6:30.
That's life right?
Rushed over to the gym to get in some biking and a light leg lifting session.  So far so good this week. Quality workouts that I'm definitely feeling the next day. 
Or days after I mean. 

Hopefully I'll sleep like the dead tonight though. God knows I need it. 
Lab at 8am! Woo!

Everyone go get a good run in today!!
Run Happy!

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