Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The truth about off brands

Ok yesterday I went to buy allergy medicine because Atlanta has been KILLIN me lately. 
I picked up the first allergy medicine I saw that was kroger brand (aka cheaper) and bounced.  

Well, I grabbed that and some sugar free chocolate mousse but it's fine. 
Its fiiiinnneee. 

Went out this morning in my, finally, newly replaced Brooks Adrenlines and my NEW RUNNING SKORT!! But before, of course, I had a snack and popped one of these allergy meds. 

Bad. Move. 
(read the effin manual) 
This allergy medicine was pink, like benadryl. That's right, the drowsy medication. 
I felt like I had two-year-olds hanging on my ankles. It was the hardest run/workout to power through, not because I hurt, but because literally if I shut my eyes for two long I was worried I'd fall asleep, and the rest of my muscles felt the same way. 

Very rough.  I'm still hazy right now.

The skort however held up wonderfully. It helps that they had super hot booty shorts underneath the skirt, and y'all know how I feel about those. (LOVE)

Time to do a lab, grade papers, and get a sweet brinner made for me tonight. 

Run happy everybody :)
 And don't forget, don't pop benadryl and run. Bad plan.


  1. This post is meaningless without a pic of the skort & shorts!

  2. Oh man! I have SO done this before. I once had a cold that I was just DETERMINED to power through for my run. I popped what I THOUGHT was non-drowsy DayQuil. Yeah, it wasn't. It was totally regular ol' knock-you-out NyQuil. It was awful. Well, lessons learned, I suppose! These days I just try and stick to my OJ and Airborne as my first lines of defense when I'm feeling all sicky.

    PS - I LOVE that you call it brinner. I'm a big fan of brinner and I've actually had friends tell me I'm silly for calling it that!