Monday, July 26, 2010

10$ Margarita Pitchers: AVOID

Friday marked a wonderful day of the beginning of a free weekend. Free of the robot I've been working on for a long time now.  My team and I, all suited up for success, only had a few more hours before we were done and I knew afterward I would most likely be finding somewhere to consume bountiful amounts of alcohol.  I also knew my usual Saturday morning long run was probably out of the question.
Murphy's Law was our name. Ultimately our downfall..
The Arenas.  They look silly right?
The colors made me feel kiddish.
I'll be the first to say I absolutely love this class but DAMN is it time consuming. It's finally a hands on ME class with coding, machining, tinkering, trash talking and presenting.
Jeeves prepared for battle

The trash talking was mostly done by the boys.  In a class with only 4 girls out of 35 of course any competitive atmosphere is going to turn into a "my-dick-is-bigger-than-yours".  Luckily I had four other teammates to let do that so I didn't have to.
My team left me to fix Jeeves.
Picture thanks to BF

Anyway, it was stressful.  Lots of technical difficulties. Lots of yelling.  No cussing though, that would be a DQ (Wow was this a hard one for me).  All in all it was good clean competitively mean fun.

Is there even is such a thing?

The BF and I went out for mexican and some margaritas at La Fonda and were pleasantly surprised by 10$ pitchers.

Oh buddy do I love margaritas.  I however 1) do not drink anymore and cannot hold my alcohol and 2) have very adverse effects to lots of sugar.  Two pitchers later I was stumbling around in my too-tall-heels and thinking "this is going to hurt tomorrow".  I didn't get out of bed until 11 and proceeded to live off of Powerade Zero and saltines for the first few hours of the day.
Obviously I didn't run that morning, or do much of anything that entire day.

My plan was to get up Sunday then and run with the BF for a long, slow, loving and recovering 6 miles. The alarm went off at 7 and we proceeded to wake up at 9. And I woke up with a headache and backache. I ended up relaxing by the pool for a few hours and read on BF's couch-ton (the couch-futon) this was an anti-running weekend.  Actually this was more of an anti-productivity weekend.

I ran this morning (oucchh) , I'll discuss it later after I mull over a post I've been thinking about for a while: my likes and dislikes of becoming a runner.

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