Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Craving

Tuesday I headed to the gym after my last class of the summer semester (booya) with the goal of a nice 4 mile run.  God I love treadmills. Who invented those anyway? They're of great value in Atlanta. It's so hot here during the day.  It's 93 here today, and lovingly humid.  Not only is it hot to run during the day, but it feels like you're breathing water.  It's not pleasant. 

Anyway, 4 miles turned into 4.5 because why have my week total at 9.5 when I could have it at 10? 4.5 miles and some ab routines later I shimmied my butt home with one thing in my head. 

Chocolate Milk.

Seriously, it was all I wanted.  I don't know why but it was.  I know it's a good recovery drink, everyone I swam with loved to point that out at least once a season.  Now generally I don't just drink milk. The BF finishes the milk in my cereal.  I hate drinking anything with calories in it unless it's alcoholic.  It seems like a waste to me.  But when I got home I headed straight for the fridge. Milk, chocolate syrup, heaven. Found some info on why it's so awesome for you online..

Oh, and Dr. Robert Bruce and Wayne Quinton invented the Treadmill.  Thanks boys.

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