Friday, July 30, 2010

Where did my week go?

Only the best day of the week!  Too bad I woke up so damn grouchy. BF wasn't too happy about that one.  My AC broke last night causing me to wake up frequently sweating and wondering how the large mound of BF next to me was sleeping so soundly. 
And so on my side of the bed. 

Between that and this...
I was a tad grumpy.  Luckily my coworker brought me a coffee this morning to go along with our key-sorting to cheer me up! 
Plus, it's Friday! And I get to have some delish home cooked food from the BF's family tonight. Which also means I get to run through the chickamauga battlefield park tomorrow morning (hopefully).  Ah sweet trail running. How I adore thee.

Speaking of running, I am supposed to be writing about that right?
After a horribly heavy, fattening, delish and totally worth it lunch at Tacomac yesterday I waited a while before attempting to go run.  This week is all messed up since I don't have class.  My schedule is out of wack.  

Went to the gym, ran 3.2 miles with some hill work.  I forgot my inhalor, so I sounded like I was trying to breath through a straw at times, and the CRC was out of towels, so I looked like a bucket of water was dropped on me.  
Ran the first 15 minutes normal at a 9:40 pace and then every minute I'd increase the grade on the treadmill.  Went up to five and back down and then another 5 minutes of flat running.  I have no bloody clue what I was thinking yesterday.  No game plan, no mile goal, I just wanted to run some.  I was out of whack and by the end of 30 minutes was so dun with the treadmill I just wanted to go home.

It's amazing to me how far I have come since I started running.  3 miles used to be quite a feat for me.  Now I feel lame for running anything less than 4.  It just doesn't sound as impressive.  It sounds like slacking to me.

Whatever it is, I'm up to 13.3 this week I believe! What a baller I am.  I'll be at 20 mile weeks soon enough.

My shoes will def be dead before then however.

I think my goal for this weekend is going to be at least 5 miles. Hopefully 6? Nice and slow maybe? Relaxing run with the BF?
Ew, Just realized I need to wash all my running clothes...This is a clear sign I need more.

Next week = finals week.
Well for me it's just final week.  I only have one on Thursday and then back to Arlington! To see my dogs.  Yes, there will be pictures. Plenty.

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