Friday, July 23, 2010

Goal Post

So in the spirit of competition, with myself, I've decided to list out some goals of mineNow they will be solidified in the in-tra-webs.

GOALS (running)
- 5k Time under 28 minitues (PR: 28:55)
-10k Time under 60 minitues (PR: 1:03:19)
-Long runs of 10 miles
-At least 15 miles a week (eventually bumped up to 20)
-Half marathon in the fall?

Ok so maybe not super intimidating but I like to keep my goals in the reachable zone.  The half marathon will be a stretch.  Right now I'm ok running at 10k and that's the furthest I've gone. I think once I perfect the slow paced never-ending-runs I'll be ok for a half. We shall see. 

I woke up feeling like a train hit me this morning, as well as someone was holding my eyelids shut.  It's been a rough morning and my coffee hasn't done much good.  Rest day today, Maybe run tomorrow. It's supposed to be my long day (maybe 6mi?) but I may or may not have a reason to go out and celebrate/drink tonight.

This means not getting up early. A hearty not-awesome-for-me breakfast and a day laying by the pool.  I need to work on my tan anyway, I have a horrible shorts/sock tan...

Alright, back to "work".

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