Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Cake or Death?

Well no run today. I really couldn't do it. Slept till after 9 dreaming of killin' my fluids final on Thursday. I'm still pretty achey all over, feet are sore, legs and knees aren't happy.
So I've been sitting around studying and of course my roomies birthday is tomorrow and her mom brought a 3 tier cake to our apt.  The day I don't run there's cake everywhere and I have the Study-Noms.
Still, I'm going to try to convince the BF for some ice cream tonight. I have a feeling he's going to get all "oohh nooo I want to run tomorrow" on me. 
This from the boy who ate half a gallon of blue bell cookies and cream ice cream before his first marathon.
Yeah, he's real strict with himself.

Well, tra la la off to study and eat etc.

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