Monday, August 2, 2010

It's totally the stars.

Weekend over, now to begin my finals week.
Er, Final week, just one.  It's just Fluids, no big. 

So in running news, Saturday morning I found myself in Ringgold Georgia and planned on running around Chickamunga (bless you?) Battlefield with the BF.  Alaram went off at 7...Not really sure what happened after that. I tried to wake him up and then I fell asleep and then I woke back up and tried to wake him up again...then I fell back asleep. 
Viscous cycle. Made me miss clocky.
Ok, only a tiny bit.  Clocky is the electronic devil.
We finally got out there around 10 and lucky for us it was overcast and not too hot.  Did a leisurely 4 miles around the park at a 9:50 pace ( I think).  Definately was a struggle for me however. Had some really bad cramps to deal with and really didn't think I had four miles in me but apparently I did.  My total for last week was at 17.35 by then.  
HOLY CRAP 17.35.  No wonder my feet hurt and my knees are starting to yell at me. Goodness gracious. 

Moving on from Saturday, it is now a NEW WEEK! And a new month.  Happy August! 
First off, I have found, and have purchased, the most amazing food contraption ever. Portable Peanut Butter. 
I frequently struggle with trying to bring Peanut Butter and pretzels (or whatever else I feel like) to work or when I'm out all day in class.  The dilemma: If I bring the whole jar, it WILL be gone. I have a weakness for this stuff. My solution was to pack servings of PB in a little tupperware. This is just annoying in general but I do it.  And then I found these babies. These fine looking super awesome portable peanut butter packs.  God's gift to starving runners all across the world. 
Maybe just all across the US. But still.
I am one happy camper. I will be taking one of these to work today with my pretzel sticks.

  Second topic for today, my run this morning. 
Well lets just say it run? The BF had a final at 8am this morning so I told him I'd get up at 6, wake him up, go for a run and get back in time for him to leave for his final.  Between snoozing and having to wake up, drink some powerade, eat a lil sommin sommin and stretch etc (and having to wrestle the hibernating grizzly bear out of my bed) I didn't leave the APT till about 6:40ish.  It is exceptionally UGLY here in Atlanta this morning. I stepped out to a gloomy, dark, very very humid, post rained city.  I could no longer see any sky scrapers.  It's not that it's super hot (maybe 75 degrees by now) but I felt like I was breathing water.  
To skip ahead of the story, I had wanted to run four miles this morning, but by the time I had hit 2 I was feeling a little like death warmed up. I decided to cut my 4 goal down to 3 (ugh) because not only did my feet hurt, but my left knee was bugging me, my shins were starting to hurt (oh dear) and overall I felt like crap.
Portable Peanut Butter = happy camper
Horrible run = not happy camper
Maybe the stars were aligned funny and that's why my run sucked. 

I ended up running 3.3 miles with a 9:27 pace.  I'm pretty sure my first mile and half I was running 9 min/miles and honestly that is just way way way too fast to start a 4 mile run for me. Between that and last week being my longest running week ever I think my body is just angry at me. So now I'm recouping and hoping that I won't have to rest tomorrow.  My recoup tools this morning consist of coffee, cereal, IB Profin, and compression socks (that are kinda big for me). 
I <3 IB Profin
No worries everyone, I only took 4. Between that and the BF's compression-tube-thingies and a cup of coffee the size of my head, I'm doing better.  
Super Sexy. Please work.

Now I just have to go to work and sit for 6 hours. And study, or stare at keys all day.  We'll see how that works out.
Hopefully some recoup will allow me to run tomorrow and actually run the 4 miles I need to.

Now off to pack some snacks for work. 
You know what THAT means. 

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