Thursday, March 31, 2011

Testing? Hello?


Ok i've been alive this whole time it's just been rough going. I have a test this morning. Clearly I'm not studying, I'm blogging.  

Anyway I am feeling better than before. It's later in the week, I've had a chance to bounce back, get back into a semi schedule. If only this gloomy rain/no-sun weather would go away. Atlanta as a city just seems depressed. It was clearly affecting my kids yesterday at our track practice because we had to be inside and just chat instead. They were so rowdy and fidgity and combined with my mood this week...well it was almost catastrophic. 

I'm gonna go study, I would be working out right now but alas I fell asleep sitting up reading last night and didn't get to study much last night. So here I am, at 7:30 am writing a blog post when I have a test in 2 hours.

I am too cool for school. (nerdy-cool, not normal-cool)

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