Friday, April 8, 2011

Lame songs stuck in my head

Whatup everyone! That I accidentally forgot about but not on purpose.  

How is everybody? I hope good. I've had an interesting few weeks to say the least. My last weekend was INSANE and involved me being out partying friday, saturday AND sunday. 
Whoa big spender on my part.

Anyway I had a blast, I feel great, I've been doing really well with all my drama, which is now drama no more. I have just about everything in order. I'm back in the gym workin on building muscle, been on a few runs, upped the intensity of my XT on the bike, and feeling good once again.  
I need new shoes really badly though , my knees ACHE after a run. And for a while after.
I'll order some new Adrenaline's next week when I get paid.

So a sweet super win for this summer, I'll be doing paid research with tech!! On a Pratt and Whitney project nonetheless. I'm very very excited and I can't wait to start. Plus it's automatically going to pay more/be better than this stupid min wage desk job I'm currently sitting at until 8 pm tonight. 

It's ruined my Friday's that's for sure.

On the running front, I have a 15k race tomorrow! 9.3 miles. Hopefully it goes ok, not gonna lie I'm barely prepped for it but I figure I've done the distance multiple times so I'll be fine!!

Changed the blog around a bit, wanted my own picture to be the background. Was trying to find spring-y/summer-y colors but didn't like any that I found so I stuck with the black and white.  Hope y'all like it!

I'm off to attempt to not-sleep on the job.

Run Happy everybody!

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