Monday, March 5, 2012

ByeBye 11's

Good afternoon everyone!

This morning I woke up feeling nice and rested and with enough time to get in a cup of coffee and some peanut butter toast + banana before Jerry and I went on our run. We ran 4 nice and easy miles, much needed for me, and caught up on each others lives. I really do enjoy running with someone, and Jerry is an amazing running buddy. I think we hit some of the most random subjects obscurely connect, and all while getting our runs on.

Post run was coffee and pastries as well as Jerry getting me hooked up with some NEW SHOES!
I am finally replacing my Adrenaline GTS 11s. I am the current owner of a new pair of Adrenaline GTS 12's in Violet. As well as some superfeet to help my collapsing arches/weak VMO muscles.
Blue = 11s, Pink = 12s

It is out with the 11's and in with the 12's. I'm sad actually. Jerry offered to take my 11's away to make sure I didn't run in them. I'm just so attached to them...
I'll just hide them in the new box like I always do.

Went to the gym afterwords for a session on the bike and some lifting. For some reason I was feeling a heavy session today so I upped all my free weights and lowered my reps.


I swear I'm not trying to get buff. Just don't want to wither away into nothing running so much. Knees are really rough today for some reason so I've been icing etc. Hopefully it was just after the speedy speedy two miles last night in some not-so-happy-not-so-supportive shoes. Anyone else have this kind of knee pain/this much when bumping up mileage? I know I've been doing more than normal but 2 miles a day on asphalt covered trails and treadmills shouldn't be tearing me up so badly. I'll blame the shoes.

I've been really missing Atlanta lately and I cannot wait to go back at the end of this month. I'm going to help out with ECC's this year!! I'm going to have to pack a lot of running clothes...and who knows, maybe I'll get in the pool and swim a bit.

I'm off to figure out dinner and the rest of my evening.
I hope everyone is running happy lately!

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