Sunday, March 11, 2012

Trouble: in Photo form

I was trying to not post this but I really do need to come to terms with everything.

I have somehow manage to re-injure my ankle.
Ok not "somehow". I was wearing heels and there was uneven cobblestone. Pretty simple.
I actually fell to the ground in an attempt to not hurt my ankle. Thinking if I just let my body fall and didn't try to catch it I would be ok.

I got home and iced it immediately and just assumed it wasn't that bad because it was late and I was tired and clearly it just couldn't be that bad, I had walked on it the rest of the evening right?

Well I was wrong. I woke up Friday morning with a large knot in my stomach with the feeling of dread that can only mean PT and no running. I knew it was worse when I saw the swelling.  Friday I literally did not leave a bed with my ankle elevated unless it was absolutely necessary. I started a strict icing regimen and when I wasn't icing I had a compression sleeve on it. All while elevated.
Yay I hope everyone just saw RICE in that paragraph. I had my trusty nurse with me the whole time.

She's so attentive.
Anyway, the BF was helpful and we slept on top of the covers with separate blankets this weekend just so I could sleep with my foot elevated on a few pillows. We also stayed in most of the weekend with me on the couch. I really have been trying to be extra careful. Last time this happened I ignored it for a month before going to the doctors. That was clearly not a good idea. Friday night I got pouty and the BF bought me something to cope with.
IB profin additive
Don't worry, it took all weekend with help from the BF to finish it.

If bruised ankles creep you out, ignore these photos (also yes I know I have a strange pinkie, yes it's always red):

Saturday morning, not bad but swollen

Saturday evening lost of bruising
Sunday (currently)

 So far the bruising, minus the bottom part, has turned yellow-ish which is good. I can put full weight on it, even stand on it alone. I can do little circles with my foot and bend my foot in towards me and out as well as side to side. I have a doctor appointment tomorrow morning at 8:15 (I should go to bed soon) and we will go from there. I will still be doing the 10k on St Patricks day because even though this is a setback I WILL be running the Marine Corps Marathon.

Just not in heels obviously.

I made it to my initial goal of 23 days of a #runstreak in honor of my 23rd birthday however, it has come to an end. Very abruptly none the less.  I've gone back and forth from being very mad at myself to being very bitter...but it was just an accident. There is no blame to lay, it is just what happened. I spent most of Friday sulking which also included a lot of crying but I am going to be ok. I am smarter than I was last time and this is not the end of the world, or my running career.


After I finish the 10k this weekend, slowly but I will finish, I think I will be getting one of THESE. (Just noticed that's a 2011 shirt but obviously a 2012 when they come out)

I will keep my eye on my October 26.2 prize.

Wish me luck tomorrow at the doctor!

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