Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Lazy Phyllis is Lazy

Last night I slept for 2 hours longer than usual. I woke up and was actually surprised by the time. Obviously it was much needed after my workout and PT appointment yesterday.

So, updates:

I officially have my MCM 2012 race entry!!! Woooo!!

This year, I am running a marathon.
Very scary to say.

I received my golden ticket after the Irish Sprint 10k where I averaged 10 min/miles with walking spells, achy knees and a bum ankle.  The course was much much harder than the BF or I had anticipated. He had a very rough time. I personally loved the course but wish I hadn't been injured. It was pretty evenly split trail and road. It was also evenly split uphill vs. flat/downhill so it was not easy on the glutes. Interestingly enough, since the BF and I used to run trails every weekend it wasn't difficult for me. I could tell there were a lot of people there that had never run trails before and were struggling. The only sad part was that I couldn't look up and enjoy the park we were in at 8AM, I had to stare at the ground to make sure I didn't roll my ankle again!

Here is a small photo of BF and I pre-race.

PS he was freezing, totally under dressed for how cold pre-start was. That's what he gets for making me get everywhere so friggin early.

And then our prize for finishing:

So excited. I'd show you the post-race picture of BF and I with our tickets but we both look so awful it's just not necessary to make you all suffer.

PT started yesterday with my Laura, the best physical therapist I've ever met. She did a full hip-down inspection of me last Friday which was kind of fun. She said my hips are weak and my IT bands are too tight as well as my VMO muscles being weak. My bum ankle is actually strong, muscle wise, but loose tendon wise. Creepily looser than my right ankle. She also measured my legs to make sure they weren't different lengths.
This made me giggle.

Basically three times a week she'll be fine-tuning my body up so that when I start marathon training I'm set. She's very supportive of my running and I couldn't ask for a better situation.

Mommy P came and got me from PT with my super puppy!
 She has become very glued to me now that I'm at home again. When my sister moves to Pittsburgh formally soon it's going to get even worse. The dogs have been very fun lately because of the weather! They frolic often and tear their toys apart. Finding a toy to stand up to this lug of a dog (85lbs) and my mastiff (160lbs) is very difficult. They're a handful but oh so cute.

I have a lot of cute dog photos from the Pet-Expo I went to with my family this past weekend that I need to edit and show everyone. They have every breed there imaginable, I loved it.

Anyway, basically I'll be back on the running/training horse soon. I'll probably go out today for a run because it's just so darn beautiful and I don't have any pain or swelling in the ankle. I'm already excited to find another race with the BF. I forgot how much fun racing is. It really is the best environment and you meet the nicest people.

I hope everyone has an amazing first official day of spring. Get outside and have fun!

Here is a parting photo of my weirdo.

Playing makes me sleepy.

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