Sunday, March 4, 2012

Running for beer.

This past Thursday was Road Runner Sports first adventure run at the Falls Church store. Now, I am known to be very outgoing in a group but send me into a random group of people alone and I lose my nerve pretty fast. I was nervous the entire day. I didn't have anyone to run with! What if I couldn't make a friend? What if I got lost? What if no one liked me?

What if I got pushed off the monkey bars?
Yes, I know, that is how silly I sounded.

Anyway I got there, slightly under dressed for the cold wind, and perused around trying to find another lone runner. Road Runner had Asics there who allowed everyone to try on shoes, or wear them if they wanted. They also had Zensah (I think?) compression sleeves to try on/wear while running. Oh, and beer. Sierra Nevada to be precise.

So the way the run went was that at 6:30 they showed everyone a map of the area with checkpoints. At each checkpoint they handed out raffle tickets, double if you had the adventure run shirt, which went towards winning prizes. You could go to as many as you wanted but you HAD to be back by 7:30 or your tickets didn't count.  I found a nice older woman who was alone as well and we decided to try and hit all of them.

Woof. Not the best idea I've ever had. We missed 4 I think (of 12), but we ran 5.2 miles. Considering we had to stop and find our way using my phone and do pushups or jumping jacks for tickets I think we did a great job. I did roll my ankle (the bad one, of course) in the last .1 mile trying to rush back, but it seems to be alright. After the run we got a free beer, then went over to a tavern for drink specials and food.

To say I had a blast would be an understatement. I cannot wait for the next one. The Road Runner workers were so much fun, the after party was a blast. The run itself was amazing since we were running between different points. Not gonna lie either, the woman I ran with kicked my butt! We were "haulin' the mail" as the BF says.

Here's a cute/ridiculous picture of me pre run.
I think I was dancing. They had a DJ too, so yes I was probably dancing.

In other news the BF and I ran together downtown (Baltimore) through the Inner Harbor. We stared at pretty Harbor homes we will never afford and discussed the rest of our weekend, which involved some heavy beer-consuming. We only did 3.5, but it was a really fun, short run. I've grown to really enjoy running with someone. Which is why I'm so excited I get to run with my friend Jerry again tomorrow morning! And then FOOD. The best part of running is the eating right?