Monday, March 12, 2012


This morning was just so much fun.
Well, as fun as a doctors appointment ever is.

I was at Georgetown by 7:30AM and I had too little coffee in my system to be happy about it.
My ankle was X-rayed and the nurse practitioner came in to discuss all my issues. I saw myself that I have no fractures (YAY!) and she said that as sprains go I took good care of it and that it wasn't a bad sprain but that I'd need the doctor to look at it.
Funny thing, she was a runner! She was very excited when I told her I was determined to run the MCM this year. She'd run it a few times and said it was one of the best marathons you could ever run.

We were enjoying ourselves and then I had to talk to the doctor. Ick.
Sometimes I hate doctors.
He immediately came in, took my ankle in one hand and my foot in the other and pushed them opposite directions. Clearly, that's going to hurt, so I yelped.
"yeah there's no way you're going to be running a 10k this weekend"
Ok, fine, I get that. I told him I had to walk it though.
He sighed, as if already exhausted from life as a doctor by 8:30am on a Monday, and said he didn't like it but that I "could".
As if he had a choice in this. I have to finish that 10k to get into the MCM.
He then referred to all runners as crazy to me and the nurse practitioner, gave me a script for PT and left the room.

Real awesome. Right?
Looks like I'll be back in PT for another 6 weeks, probably 3 times a week if I can schedule it.
I'm going to keep on icing and elevating as well as IB profin, and I WILL finish that 10k somehow. I will make it a hobble/walk/run.

For now I think I'm going to get back to my mystery thriller novels outside. And maybe planning out a yoga schedule this week since I can't run. I leave with a parting photo of me and my dog, who wouldn't pose for a picture she would only attempt to lick my face/ear.  It's beautiful outside, everyone get out there!
Jersey Kiss!

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