Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The extra day of the year.

Happy spare day!
It's a day for fixing a flat-day! I however was mostly lazy.

This morning I headed to the gym for some stationary bike, lifting and a dreadmill run due to the amount of rain falling.  The workout had to be cut short due to the rain and my sister needing to get downtown to my sister-in-laws place to watch the kids. I rushed through 3 miles on the bike, got all of my arm-focused-lifting in and then jumped on the treadmill for an exciting leap-day-year-day-thingy.

2.29 miles for 2/29. I would have run 29 miles but my legs probably would have fallen off.  This makes my runstreak hit 15 days! I spent a large chunk of the day icing all of my joints and being lazy. Not sure why but with all the extra time I had today I just let it pass by. Once my workout was done I felt done for the day. I think I need to get lactic acid out of my body. I'm insanely sore all over and exhausted.

In good news, I'm still in contact with a job at the Navy Yard downtown. Just so that no one thinks I'm not trying to get a job, I swear I am. Not having a job right now however has helped me sort some thoughts out and get back into the shape I was in before senior design blew me away.

Tomorrow I'm going to be participating in the first ever Road Runner Sports adventure run! I have a t-shirt and everything. It is a raffle/run/race/beer/food/more-beer event! Sponsored by Sierra Nevada! I am beyond excited to meet some new people. I wish I had someone coming along with me but...well the BF is stuck in Baltimore and wouldn't be able to make it down here in time for the run after work. Plus, he has is own friends to make at a group run with Charm City Running.

I'm sure I will have pictures and funny stories tomorrow after this 'adventure run'. For now however, I'm off to stretch and do some knee stability exercises.

Run Happy everyone!

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