Thursday, January 12, 2012

Accident Update

Hello all, today is a new day, sans my minivan. 

Woke up very tired and a little sore. I cried a LOT last night after the accident and was very tense. Drove by it today and grabbed the last thing out of it, my Golds Gym parking sticker, and took some pictures.  I also talked to Geico today and they took my statement etc. I'm hoping the police report is ready soon so this goes quickly. I'll be going to talk to my adjuster soon, to look at the van and hopefully they will let me know if it's totaled or not...I really hope it's not. 

Here are some pics of Mr Vinny, with his poor bent hood and check engine light.

Yup, that is an exhaust pipe very much bent.
I'm going to go space out and watch Planet Earth while waiting for my adjuster to call me. Fingers crossed it's good news. 

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