Thursday, January 5, 2012

On the Road. Again.

Who wants to know what I've been doing the last few days?

Yeah. 1,424 Miles.

I promise, it's not as fun as it looks. 
Oh, it doesn't look fun?
Yeah, you're right, it's not.

The BF and I took an adventure in a rental car down to Atlanta, to pick up a Uhaul and start his move to Maryland. Funny story, we accidentally stayed on 95 too long, don't know how, and ended up taking the LONG way to Atlanta. Fun fact, it adds about 100ish miles to the drive if you take 95 and not 85. 
Who knew.

So we get to Atlanta by 11PM on Tuesday. Wednesday we grab the Uhaul, turn in the rental car, and pack up his apartment. We are out of Atlanta by 5, in Ringgold by 7ish. Up until 10PM rearranging the truck and adding things. Out of Ringgold by 11AM this morning and got into Arlington by 9 (In a 17 foot Uhaul + car trailer.

I didn't get to drive a single bit, but holy hell being a passenger feels just as hard. My knees are so mad at me for being in a car that long. 

Anyway the BF and I are very tired, but the last stop is his new apartment tomorrow! 
Thank god. I'm getting tired of moving stuff. 

So I'm off to bed now, because my neck/back/everything hurts from riding in a Uhaul for over 600 Miles.
Goodnight Moon. 
I mean, Goodnight Internet. 

PS: Everyone should laugh at this.

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