Saturday, January 14, 2012

The lesser baby-sitter

So, let's not talk about Vinny shall we? 
He's been taken away to the totaled/maybe-totaled-but-they're-not-sure-yet lot in Fredricksburg. 
I miss his horrible turning radius already. 

Let's talk about happy things, like my family. 
On Fridays my sister goes to my brother and sister in laws and does cleaning/laundry/watches the kids from 1-6. Since I had nothing else to do besides sulk about Vinny and continue to apply for jobs I decided to go over with her. My brother's family consists of him, Wendy (SIL), Bryce (4.5y/o), Hadley (2.5y/o) and the newbie Corbin (3ish months). Bryce goes to pre-school every day until 3PM, so Patty and I just had a pouty/sleepy/very-2-year-old Hadley while Corbin slept or spent time with Mommy Wendy. After exhausting a Mikey Mouse show and some various playing we decided that muffins should be our next object to tackle. This was an interesting endevour with a two year old, plus me.

I often describe myself as afraid of children. I always tell my brother not to trust me to babysit. I have no idea how to handle kids...which makes me terrified to ever have my own. So Friday was practice.
Not that I want kids. 
Anytime soon. 
Seriously, give me a minute, or like 5 years. 

Anyway, Patty and I both snapped some pictures of the day and I figured they were very cute and should be shown off. (PS I think my brother and wendy make the best looking kids ever)
I'm hoping to get more of Bryce and Corbin on here soon, unfortunately Bryce got left at school by his bus and didn't get home until 5. It added frustrating to the day but in the end, after all the kids were home, eaten, and in bed, the adults (including the BF) got to sit up and drink beer/wine and eat Chinese carry out. It was a beautiful Friday. 
The Guitar she tried to poke my camera with


"coloring" also is like a stabby motion
I look like I'm scolding for some reason

Children. Thrilled

Oh, on top of all of this, I have an interview next week! In DC at the Navy Yard. About 2 minutes from this cute little one and my bro's house. 

Maybe losing Vinny was a sign I would only need Metro for right now?

Well everyone, I hope you're having a good weekend! And since I can't root for the Redskins in post season I hope everyone will bandwagon with me and say GO RAVENS! tomorrow.

Night all!

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