Monday, January 23, 2012

Me? Domesticated?

So I spent another weekend with the BF in B-more and really wanted to do something special for dinner. I've been in this cooking kick for a while. I think it's because I miss my friends back in Atlanta and cooking for them. Four times a week I had people over, and usually was cooking for all of them! I miss those days. I also have had a new desire since Mommy P got me a really nice recipe book for Christmas.


Since I got it I've been collecting recipes from my favorite blogs/tv shows/magazines and putting them in their designated spot.  Once I try the recipe, I'll write it in. This is how I'm going to force myself to try new things!

Saturday night one of the BF's coworkers came over and I made Giada's ravioli caprese. May I say, it was amazing. I need to perfect the dough rolling/ravioli forming but it was still extremely good. And the it was light and delicious! I would suggest adding some lemon juice to the sauce on top of the zest (but lemon is on my top 5 flavor list so of course I added). I also made a baked pudding...but I'll post that at a later date when it is perfected because I really struggled with it sans-handmixer. I think it needs another attempt before I write it off. All in all, BF loved it, I loved it (especially after a couple glasses of wine) and his co worker extremely loved it. It was a great evening and I'm very happy I've turned over this new domesticated-leaf.

In additional news I wanted to post about this cool thing shown below. My brother and sister in law got me this set for Christmas/graduation and I must say it is one of the coolest things I've ever owned! It really helps me loosen up my calves and all of the muscles down there I can't pronounce or remember.  It's been a huge help since I'm still struggling with my ankle/foot area.

More updates:  I had two interviews last week, one of which was at the Navy Yard! It was all very exciting. The work seems really fast paced and very important (since I would be working on Navy ships and yes those are important). I should hear some time this week about both. I also have an interview tomorrow for a Department of State position.  This is something I am actually nervous about since it is more like a test. We will see how it goes, clearly I can't tell any of you exactly how it goes (it's all very hush-hush) however I will at least know if I'm going to be up to the job or not. 

Lets see if there is any more news..hrmm
Vinny is totaled (sad day) and I'm working on getting that situation under control.
Mommy P has been doing an amazing job with her account and we have been working together to get her more healthy!
I've also lost about 5+ pounds since I graduated. Either due to no more stress, or no more drinking-every-night-with-the-gang. I'm going to say it's a combination. 

I think that's most of the new stuff! I would like to add I've been very anxious the last few weeks with all of this change going on. Finding a job has been stressful and with the car gone and BF not around during the week I've been fending for myself and trying to get my life organized. One would think that without a job or school that life would be extremely easy but finding a job is basically a job in itself. I've been pouring over websites and applications as well as part time work. This plus no's just been nuts! Luckily I have an amazing family who are very supportive and helpful and a BF that I can call when I'm in need.  

Life seems to be going perfectly, even with the bumpy sections.
As my mother always says, everything happens for a reason. 

I hope everyone is having a great Monday, and happy Chinese new year! (I know what I'm having for dinner)

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  1. a) Whatever font you used for the title is totally awesome. I want it.
    b) If you get a job at the Navy Yard you have to tell them to place at the one in South Philly. duh.
    c) Good luck in all your interviews! I'm sending you happy thoughts.

    Miss you :)