Wednesday, January 11, 2012

First Accident

Hello world. 
Today, I got in my first accident. 

I went to get my sister from work in Old Town Alexandria, at 5:15, rush hour, dark, in the rain. 
That's a really really bad combination for me. I'm not the best night driver o begin with, but the rain added anxiety. I had the radio off and my phone put away and yet, here I am, sitting at home with a car waiting to be towed away...possibly forever. 

Oh Vinny. What ever will I do without you.
So I hit a Prius from behind, they stopped short and I had been breaking but not quite enough apparently and rear ended them. Then, another van rear ended me. That van lit on fire (FIRE??) and had to move. During this whole thing, I'm crying, Asian woman driving the prius is trying to make sure I don't run off, and I'm trying to talk to 911 for the whole accident, including the on fire car.

This was a mess. Did I mention it was raining? And cold? By the end of everything, Vinny has a check engine light on, and looks really rough...and I looked rough, and cold and wet. I really hope it doesn't get totaled, I really need that car.

My sister brought me my favorite chocolate from the store though.  Ritter sport...and a special one!
 I also still have my dog who is extremely cute and very supportive.

She might think she's a cat sometimes.

All in all, bad day but I'm very glad I'm ok. It could have been a lot worse, at least MY minivan didn't light on fire.

I'll keep the updates on Vinny coming as soon as I hear from Geico and the Po-Po.

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