Wednesday, January 25, 2012

It's happening.

Alright so job update: I didn't get past the written part of the department of state interview. It's honesty not that surprising to me, I knew it would happen after I took the second part of the assessment. I'd tell y'all why but...well, non disclosure agreement! And I'm not one to mess with the government.

I am SO excited that I got an email today about my diploma coming in the mail soon!!!
Now I need a frame.

In other news I finally got myself some cycling shorts. I love spin classes but sitting on those bikes without padded shorts it is probably one of the most painful things I've voluntarily put myself through. So I decided shorts were needed. Luckily The Clymb is awesome and I had some store credit there so I could get some awesome Canari shorts for cheap!
Isn't my dog in the background adorable!?
I bought a pair of shorter 8-panel shorts and was instantly in love when I put them on! My spinning class today was much more comfortable and I could focus on really working hard instead of the pain I was in on that seat. My mom looked at me and just shook her head and said "next thing is a bike, and you know it."
This is something I've been trying to avoid honestly. 1) bikes are expensive 2) I know some really annoying cyclists that make me cringe and 3) I'm so awkwardly shaped (leg/body size ratio) that I just know finding a bike is going to be a pain. BUT I live in Arlington now with miles and miles of trails and plenty of places to ride. I also have parents that BOTH rode and worked at a bike shop near here.
Le sigh.
It's happening.
I can just see the money down the drain when I hit a tri kick.
I guess I'll wait and see how the job situation is and assess a bike in the near future.

Anyway, my spin class today was amazing and I got to lift since the gym wasn't packed. All in all I feel amazing and have had a great day!

And now I'm going to hunt for more food because I'm starving.

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