Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mommy P

Yesterday I helped my mommy (Mommy P) get started on her weight loss goals. We both joined and are using I highly recommend it for anyone looking to lose some weight. I've only used it for a day or so but it is fantastic. It takes your age/weight/height and how much you want to  lose, and how fast, and calculates daily intakes and how much you need to exercise. Mommy P is very excited, we had a great first day eating wise and I got her to take the dog for a walk with me. We walked over a mile together and both us and the dog got a lot out of it. She works from home for Hallmark and has for a long time now.  Her phone can ring right at 7am some mornings and she has worked until 7pm as well. She has conference calls, and stores to go to, and just can never seem to get away from her desk. I think this is a serious downfall of working from home. Home = work work = home and there is no distinction between the two sometimes. I'm trying to make a clear time where she can get up and walk or be active to help her separate it. We are also going to be getting her a desk that she can close up when she's done, so that she can get away from it all for a while.

I'm so proud of her. This morning, she woke up before me (obviously because Baileys has 2$ pints on Tuesdays...which  means I need some, ahem, extra sleep) and made her own breakfast and it was HEALTHY. I'm so so so proud of her. Words cannot express. 

In other news, my job hunt is still going.
It's still a hunt. An annoying time consuming hunt.
I am however really enjoying being home with my family. Spending time with my sister and mother has been amazing, we've bonded so much. Going to school so far away from them was harder than I thought now that I'm back. We are all so much alike and it's amazing to have the support system back. Not that I didn't have that in Atlanta, you just can't replace family. 
Today is a sit-at-starbucks-day, as well as a photographing day. I've brought my camera to Old Town and am prepared to go walk around for a little. Get my artistic juices flowing. 

I hope everyone is having a fantastic day. 
Hopefully I shall post more later. Maybe even PHOTOS!

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