Monday, January 2, 2012

New year, new chapter

Man, since I graduated on the 17th I feel like I haven't stopped moving.  Between two Christmas celebrations with two different families, cleaning out and rearranging my room so both me and my twin can live here, finding the BF a new place in Baltimore plus other crap...I'm going insane!

We'll do a quick update:

BF got a job in Ellicot City Maryland working with a civil engineering firm, doing bridge inspection and other things.  He's moving to Baltimore in the next few days, we will be going to Atlanta and back up here with a uhaul and all of his stuff. This should be "fun".

I graduated. 
The big day.
I miss my friends in Atlanta, but I also enjoy being away from some other annoying aspects.

I do not have a job. 
Don't worry, I'm not worried. I've applied to what feels like a million, but is probably about 30 and expect to hear back in the coming weeks from most of them. 

I've been put into the Brooks Running Fanatics group this year! (very excited) I've enjoyed my few runs back, and have been continuing PT work and ice etc to keep my ankle in check...although doing impromptu speed workouts (oops, did that this morning) have proved not-helpful for recovery. I also joined my local Golds Gym for the weight room and classes!

I've vowed to run a marathon this year. The Marine Corps to be specific.
BUT I know I can do it. 

I will be posting again, because I'm sick of procrastinating blogging. It's just silly. I got a new camera so I will also be posting more pictures.

I think that is a good summary for now...
I hope everyone is enjoying the start of the New year. 

Run Happy!

P.S: Best part about graduating, besides knowing I don't have any more lab reports? Amazing gifts from my friends, like this.
This is exactly what it looks like.
Yup, that is a tequila bottle. Shaped like a rifle. I have amazing friends.


  1. Hey girl, I love your blog and I'm so proud of you for graduating!! Can't wait to hear where you end up! I'm sure you'll be hearing back soon from your interviews!

  2. Thanks girl, I appreciate the support! I hope you're doing well!