Monday, February 20, 2012

Gift to myself

Hello one and all!
Well, hello to the few who read this.

The last week or so has been amazing. I've spent tons of time with my loved ones and received very sweet gifts for my birthday and valentines day. The BF sent me two dozen roses on my birthday and bought me some RIDICULOUS (read: fantastic) chocolate from a top-10-in-america chocolatier in Baltimore. I got a lot of various gift cards to favorite stores and mommy P bought me some more business clothes from Express. Including an amazing bright red pencil skirt and very hip/trendy style shirt to go with it. I also got gifted with the presence of one of my best friends from school. My Annie came to visit and we celebrated with a mardi gras party that involved 30$ all you can drink bottom shelf and a mechanical bull. I can tell you now, bottom shelf = all over pain. We had a blast though and I miss her so much. On top of these fun gifts I gifted myself with a gift only a runner would find fun.

A RUNSTREAK! I will be running at least 2 miles a day (this is my minimum, although I doubt I'll do less than a 5k) for at least 23 days in honor of my 23rd birthday. I've needed this kick in the butt for motivation for a while. The ankle injury really upset my mojo.

So far I'm on day 6, I've run over 20 miles and not less than a 5k at a time. I feel great, although I think my shoes are about done and I need to order some new ones. My knees are feeling a bit rough but I'm currently icing and have some tirgger-pointing to do. I'm so excited for a run with Jerry, my new found twitter-to-real-world friend, on Thursday on Custis trail. WOOO Hills!!

I hope everyone is doing amazingly and is running happy lately.
Finally, after a long time, I'm back to running happy!

Time to go roll out some knots and watch TV with the twin. 

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