Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ice. Stat.

Well today has been super fun! I got the BF's valentines day gift under control and made some more cards.
I know, boring gushy things.

Onto the real stuff.
I looked at the clock, and stared at my day-by-day broken down workout schedule for the next 6 weeks and sighed. The blocks were blank and I felt crappy. Why is it that I cannot get back into a set routine like I used to? I think that when I was training for my half marathons it was a large enough/long enough distance that a training schedule felt needed. My next race however, is a 10k. Mind you most would not need any regimen for this but I have been out of the game since July. My ankle is STILL bugging me and honestly I have race jitters, and it's not even close.
So I sighed again as I watched Nigella Lawson make another delicious looking meal and decided to just go. I threw on shorts and my new charm city running shirt, grabbed my phone, jacket and golds card and left.
Let me say, the day got much much better.

Ran over to the gym, ran another 3 miles on the dead-mill and then went down to the manly-man weight room and got my free weights on. And gave my abs some work. It was wonderful! I then ran home.

This brought my daily total to 5.62 miles! It's been a while since I've put that much work into a day.
I'm going to hurt. Probably pretty bad. 

I was mildly confused while on the treadmill watching a girl in front of me. I have a very negative stance on treadmills so maybe it's just me, but she looked like she was more...bounding? Leaping maybe? than running. Mind you, her treadmill speed was more than mine, I could have been injured-bitter, but really she couldn't have been touching the ground enough to really be running that fast. Is that real? Or am I making something like that up? One of the reasons I don't like treadmills are because they can give you a false sense of speed. Her bounding was fun to watch though.

Tomorrow is a spin class! AND I get to go to a GTDC alumni happy hour with two of my friends from school. It will be a perfect day.

Oh last thing before I say goodnight. I wanted to give everyone a picture of me on the treadmill. 5' 10", white,  a little more gangly than the average female and trying to dance WHILE on a treadmill to this.

It's ok. I laughed too.

Goodnight everyone!

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