Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday Driving

Oh Sundays. I love them so much.
They are perfect! You can sleep in, workout, roam around outside somewhere. Enjoy the day of the weekend that does not have the expected going-out-at-night part due to work the next day.
That and the BF and I always do something cutesy.

Anyway today was spent at a place in B-more called Second Chance, a second hand furniture/home repair/stuff place. They had everything you could need to build a house, it was incredible. And a lot of it was very, very old.

Then we went downtown and picked up this beautiful specimen of a dog.
This is Codie, my brother's dog. She is SO cute, and dumb. Gotta love dumb dogs. We perused the market, I bought some fresh produce, and then made our way back to Arlington for some food from the Italian Store. All in all, it's been perfect.

I do still have to run today, but I have a feeling it will be a short one. My knees are pretty tired, but it IS beautiful outside! In prep of any more cold runs I must do (since I'm a baby) the BF and I went to Charm City Running to get some 50% winter wear. I bought some awesome Brooks gloves that have a little windproof mitten to go with and a cap for my ears/head. I also tried on the new Brooks Adrenaline GTS 12. The pink ones are very cute, and feel great. I will be ordering a pair very soon. While I was there I found one of these sitting on the counter:
Run to live lager!
How cute is this?! I got very excited about it and the man who checked me out gave me one! I love it I'm so excited to have a regular pint glass. Especially a Brooks one.

The runstreak is going well. I'm on day 11, today will make 12. I've run 39 miles so far and besides some general soreness/knee aches I feel great! I've also been sleeping like a rock. A pet rock if you will.

My first race in a long time is in 20 days!! I'm only hoping the 10k goes well. The real excitement is at the end of the golden into the MCM! Ahhhh first marathon jitters already. This of me dancing around and singing this!

Well It's time for me to go get ready for a jog for the day. The BF has assumed the position. Meaning he looks like he's going to pass out in a recliner.

One more parting cute picture of my nephew, Corbin, who is only 3ish months old! 

Happy running everyone! Hope your Sunday is as amazing as mine!

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