Friday, February 3, 2012

Big Plans

Well my sweet, loving, not-like-me-at-all twin got me sick. So after a weekend of partying with the BF and his co-workers I spent the whole week sick. I'm still coughing/gross. This has put a kink in my workouts after a really successful last week!
The good news is now I can't ignore running. I finally signed up for a race!
I will be running, with the BF, in the Irish Sprint 10k at Quantico.
By entering into this 10k I get automatic ticket/registration into the...

pause for effect

Marine Corps Marathon!!
That's right, this year is the year. I will be running/training for my first full. Might as well be now, there's no point in putting it off. The ankle has been doing well, I have been eating well and I live where the damn race is! It is time to stop saying "I'll never run a marathon" and "oh the BF is the marathon runner".
I want to be the marathon runner! And he already promised to run it with me.

What more could I ask for in a man?

So it's the Irish Sprint 10k in March, the Historic Half (also Marine Corps) in May and the Full in October! I also think I'll be doing the Under Armour half in Baltimore for the BFs birthday in early October.

Speaking of birthday, did y'all know mine is February 15th? I'll be 23!

In other news, I received the settlement check for Vinny and am on the market for a new vehicle. Also, the job hunt is going...well I think. Fingers crossed and prayers go up for a job downtown! I hope everyone has been enjoying the random warm weather/lack of winter that has been occurring lately, I know I've at least been out walking the dogs a lot!

Well, it's off to pack a bag for another weekend with the BF. We are entertaining coworkers for the Super bowl! I am SO very excited. I just love cooking for people. Here is a parting picture of my absolutely adorable nephew, Corbin.

Almost 3 months old!

Happy February everyone!


  1. congrats!!! you'll do great. also i HIGHLY recommend the baltimore half I did it this past october and it's one of my favorites.

  2. I plan to sign up, too! (Although more the "sit at the computer and wait" and "if my child's doctor's appointment goes late, leave early" type sign up!)

    1. Just be prepared for some slow-ness on the website! I'm sure you'll get in if you wait. I'm so excited about it!

    2. Oh, I'm used to it... This'll be #5.