Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up

Dear all, I am exhausted.

If only I could say it was because I had a ridiculously active long-run-filled weekend. 
But I can't.
Friday night was another amazing evening with my  brother, sister in law and kids as well as my sister and BF. This has become our new tradition, Friday night dinners. This week was burgers. For some reason my brother was VERY excited.  I love hanging out with my family and being close to my brother and sister in law is really important to me. 

Then BF and I drove to Baltimore where we crashed very early, me still coughing and full of sickness. 
Saturday was supposed to be a run day but turned into a grocery run and movie day. After bargain grocery shopping we watched Atlas Shrugged Part 1, and if you haven't seen must.

After this was where the day started to turn for a much less productive turn. BF took me out to take photos at Fells Point, which I loved, and then somehow the rain that started drove us into a bar, where we stayed for a while. 
Too long, actually. 

Here are some photos!

Needless to say Saturday after we had "a beer" was very unproductive. However Sunday my sister came over and we had a super bowl party with BF's coworkers! It was so much fun, I love being a hostess! 

Needless to say the weekend was one big party, but I really enjoyed it. It didn't help my cold too much, which is still lingering for a bit longer than desired, but it was worth it. I hope everyone else had a great weekend and is excited for this week!

I will be back out on the trail and in the gym running and spinning my little tush off! 

Oh, and I wanted to let everyone know that today I've been making my own Valentines Day cards!! I can't wait to show you guys when they are all done!

For now, I'm exhausted. It's time for bed so I can be more productive tomorrow. And get to Golds. 

Goodnight all!

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